St-Felicien, QC – St-Denis’ Patrick Laperle earned his third win of the 2010 Série ACT Castrol Edge in the NAPA Autopro 150 at Autodrome St-Felicien on Saturday, July 10. Laperle came from the 10th starting position but pitted several times in the early stages of the race for adjustments.

He worked his way back through the field to take the lead on lap 132 from hometown favorite Karl Allard. Allard also made several pit stops in the first half of the event to make repairs to his sway bar. Allard would hold on for second.

St-Jean-Chrystome’s Patrick Cliche came home third after starting in the fifth position. Claude Leclerc led the first 62 laps before fading to finish in fourth. Kevin Roberge rounded out the top five after working his way through the field from the 14th starting position.

Jimmy Cormier, Stephane Descoste, Alex Labbe, Jonathan Desbiens, and Yvon Bedard completed the top ten.

The 150 lap event was completed in one hour and twenty-eight minutes with just eight cautions for minor spins. Seventeen of the eighteen car field was on the track for the checkered flag and thirteen of the cars completed all 150 laps.

Laperle has already qualified for the second annual ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Seven drivers have already qualified; Laperle, Nick Sweet, Dave Pembroke, Karl Allard, Miles Chipman, Brian Hoar and Eddie MacDonald.

Daniel Descoste was disqualified from the event after a post race altercation.

The Série ACT Castrol Edge will head back to Circuit Riverside Speedway for their seventh event of the 2010 season on Saturday, July 26 for a 100 lap event.

Série ACT Castrol Edge

NAPA Autopro 150

Autodrome St-Felicien

Unofficial Results

Pos Start Pos    Car #      Driver                       Hometown                    Laps

1               10     91QC      Patrick Laperle         St-Denis, QC                   150

2               11     48QC      Karl Allard                Saint-Felicien, QC          150

3                 5       5QC      Patrick Cliche           St-Jean-Chrystome, QC  150

4                 1     11QC      Claude Leclerc         Lanoraie, QC                  150

5               14     16QC      Kevin Roberge          Levis, QC                        150

6               18     95QC      #Jimmy Cormier      Princeville, QC               150

7                 7     10QC      Stephane Descoste   Oka, QC                          150

8                 6     36QC      #Alex Labbé             St-Albert, QC                  150

9               17     92QC      Jonathan Desbiens   Levis, QC                        150

10               2       9QC      Yvon Bédard             St.Nicolas, QC                150

11             15     51QC      Patrick Hamel          St-Edouard, QC              150

12               8     97QC      Jacques Poulin          East Broughton, QC       150

13               9     21QC      Jean-François Déry  Quebec, QC                    150

14             16     27QC      #Marco Savoie         St-Lambert, QC              148

15             13     12QC      Etienne Lemay         Leclercville, QC              142

16               3     19QC      #Dany Trépanier      St-Edouard, QC              140

17               4     74QC      Gaëtan Lauzier         St-Pacome, QC               53

DSQ          12       2QC      Daniel Descoste       St-Joseph, QC