Charlie Colby and Kari Thibodeau pick up first Beech Ridge victories

Scarborough,Maine-Charlie Colby joined the ranks of the NASCAR Pro Series drivers this season at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway and Saturday night the move paid off handsomely as Colby entered victory lane following the 40 lap main event. Keith McKinnon led the field to the green flag and led the opening 7 laps. Colby quickly moved around McKinnon to take the lead position on the next circuit and began to pull away from the field. Jay Sands moved to second place at the mid point of the race and Mike Rowe took third but Colby was too far in front for them to make a run. This was Charlie Colby’s first feature win at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. Steve Carrier finished fourth and Aaron Ricker was fifth.

Don Morse returned to victory lane Saturday night winning the 35 lap NASCAR Sport Series race. Marcel Chauvette led the first 5 laps until Reggie Leeman went in front. While Morse moved to third. Leeman held the lead as Morse picked away closing in on Leemans rear bumper as the hit the 20 lap mark. Morse decided to try the outside of Leeman on lap 23 but a lapped car was in the high groove and Leeman held the top position. Morse charged back at Leeman on lap 27 just as the caution waved for the hard crash into the back wall involving Justin Cusack and Corey Bubar. On the restart Morse nosed into the lead as Leeman tried to hang on in the bottom groove. Morse powered his way around Leeman on lap 30 and led the field under the checkered flag. Leeman was second with Ben Tinker third. Don Colpritt and Russ Morse were fourth and fifth.

Chris Warming shook off the evil effects of an ailing race car and won the 30 lap Wildcat feature race. Warming took the lead following a lap 15 caution flag that saw Buddy Minott and Andy Ayers swap the lead until that point. Once in front Warming sped home to the win followed by Steve Benincasa and David Vaughn. Alby Ovitt and Lewis Anderson rounded out the top five finishers.

Kari Thibodeau put behind her a career of struggles and misfortune but her determination paid off on Saturday night as she won the 20 lap Road Runner feature race. Thibodeau raced from the pole position into the lead and opened up a good lead. Dave Turner took second place at lap 13 and began to chase down Thibodeau who was 20 car lengths in front. Thibodeau stayed in her groove even as Turner got to her rear bumper with 3 laps remaining in the race. Turned tried the outside several times but Thibodeau fought off the challenges to take her career win number one. Turner was second with Matt Dow third. Ed Connolly and Natasha Dyer were fourth and fifth.