RPM. The inaugural year for the N.E.S.T Series racing, are you having to adapt to the different tracks making changes to the rules and set up?

Sirois. No matter what the class is you have to make changes to the setups from track to track. The rules have not had any changes. Being the inaugural year I am going with the flow and just concentrating on getting the truck counts up therefore putting on a good show.


RPM. How did NEST Series get started?

Sirois. Nest got started as a result of my accident in 09 I knew I needed some time to heal before I would drive again, but wanted to stay involved. There had been talk by other drivers to get a series formed, Russ Anderson and I had worked on the rules and both of us are still working on relationships with more tracks.

RPM. The different types of trucks racing how do you keep the racing even?

Sirois. Keeping the trucks as close to stock as possible, I want this class to be a fun rather inexpensive division. Most tracks can keep competition fair by concentrating on handling components and not building high powered engines which drive up the cost.


RPM. Whets the difference between racing a truck compared to racing a car?

Sirois. To be honest I started in trucks, the trucks tend to have to get into the corners slower. The trucks are rear wheel drive so you need more fannies on throttle control compared to front wheel drives that if they get loose they step on gas to compensate.


RPM. What can the fans look forward to this weekend at Wiscasset Raceway?

Sirois. More of the same I hope, we will be inverting a certain number from the heat to provide more racing action.


RPM. Safety is always issue, what rules are in place to keep the drivers safe?

Sirois. After my accident safety was my number one priority, 4 point cages should be eliminated from all tracks rules. I looked at and adopted rules from faster divisions. After cages the next priority was belts my injury was cause primarily by improper belt installation, therefore Russ and myself safety check all trucks before competition


RPM. Has sponsorship been an issue?

Sirois. Sponsorship is always a issue, my primary sponsor Wiswell electric Clinton 4263789 is my employer and helped me more than I ever expected after my accident so he will always be involved. primarily the expenses have from out of my pocket. It will be necessary for a sponsor to come board in order for the N.E.S.T SERIES TO CONTINUE.


RPM. What’s in store for NEST for 2011?

Sirois. 2011 has many possibilities in store we will be doing fundraisers for area charities, bike giveaways, raffles, going to New Hampshire to race, involvement in parades and car shows. Hopefully a point’s fund. I have a number of individuals saying they will build trucks to compete. also we will have a website for next season.