With a bright weather forecast and predicted car count the North East Mini Stock Tour rolled up into North Woodstock, New Hampshire for their second and final visit of the year at White Mountain Motorsports Park. The day got started off early with some practice sessions that got many of the new drivers used to the fast high banked ¼ mile track. As six o’clock rolled around it was time to start the heat races. NEMST had the first heats of the night with 16 cars on hand. The first heat winner was Tim Collins and the second heat went to Loren Smith. Emerson Cayer who came into the night second in points lost a motor early on in his heat race ending his night.

After some quick adjustments and changing track conditions the 50 lap NEMST feature rolled off the grid. With Dylan Lancaster and Roger Ducharme bringing the field down in front of head starter Jordan Harnish the field got the green flag. Lancaster pulled out to an early lead while Ducharme fought his way to the bottom. The tight track with very narrow straights caused the point leaders to be a little more cautious bringing themselves up through the field. Tim Boyle showed that he was the class of the field early on by picking off cars one by one.

Lancaster led the first 18 laps before Boyle overtook him with the point leader McKinstry not far behind. As we reached the halfway point it was Boyle continuing to show the way but not being able to cushion his lead by much. Boyle’s tough luck of 2010 continued on lap 33 when he had a right front tire go down and he surrendered the lead to Ricky Porter. With many tough battles throughout the entire field positions were changing every lap. Loren Smith had another great run going but lost and axle with 2 laps to go bringing out a caution to set up a green white checkered finish.

On the restart the 92 of Porter pulled out strong and took the white flag while the field behind him got mixed up as Craig Farrington got into the 34 of Roger Ducharme. As Ducharme spun the caution came out along with the checkered ending the race.

After a hard wreck at Wiscasset Ducharme came back to White Mountain and took home the Tater’s NASCAR Merchandise $100 bonus, Chris McKinstry brought home the Sunoco Race Fuels hard charger award for the fourth time as well.

As the top five headed out to tech tires were checked once again as well as weight, carburetors, and chassis/suspensions. The 92 car of Ricky Porter was found blatantly out of stock with multiple infractions including shocks, chassis, suspension locations, and adjustable leaf spring mounts. With all the infractions found a penalty was out of the question and a full disqualification was handed and the rest of the field moved up accordingly.

1. 8 Chris McKinstry (R)

2. 18 Tim Collins

3. 1 Dylan Lancaster(R)

4. 09 Joe Turner(R)

5. 42 Loren Smith Jr. (R)

6. 22 Craig Farrington(R)

7. 34 Roger Ducharme

8. 41 Loren Smith

9. 95 Bruce Knowles

10. 90 Tim Boyle(R)

11. 73 Adam Polvinen(R)

12. 41M Larry Melcher(R)

13. 15 Tyler Lescord(R)

14. 19 Shane Kaherl(R)

DNS 88 Emerson Cayer

DQ 92 Ricky Porter