Unity, Maine – Reigning track champion and current Late Model point leader Frank Moulton of Burnham drove to victory in the 35-lap main event at Unity Raceway last Saturday night. RJ Austin of Smithfield prevailed in a special 50-lapper for the Super Street class, and other feature wins were posted by Andy Turbovsky (Winslow), Steve Rackliff (Starks), Mike Wilson (Chelsea), Zach Audet (New Sharon), Chelsea Young (Winterport) Wes Turner (Montville), Donny Silva (Hudson) and Ben Nile (Anson).


Moulton’s Late Model victory saw the young champion chased to the checkered flag by veteran Jeff Burgess of Fairfield, who saw a two-race winning streak halted. Seth Raven of Walso claimed the third-place trophy. Mike Hodgkins and Ajay Picard rounded out the top five. Will Collins of Appleton and Moulton won the heat races.


Austin’s 50-lap Super Street victory saw point leader Nate Weston settling for runner-up honors in front of Nick Huff of Orrington, the second-ranked driver in the class. Dan Trask finished fourth in his first appearance of the season, with Brad Bellows settling for fifth after posting two straight victories in the division coming into the special event. Bellows won the heat race.


Turbovsky was declared the winner of the Wildcat division main event following the post-race disqualification of apparent heat and feature race winner Bryan Robbins, who effectively refused a post-race teardown. Chelsea’s Maurice Young ended up as the runner-up, with Burnham’s Chris King the official third-place finisher. Ryan Robinson and Ed Gilblair, Sr. rounded out the top five.


Rackliff, a multi-time champion of the Late Model Pro Four class, outran Norm Cummings, Jr. of Augusta to the checkered flag. Skowhegan’s Mike Mason was third under the checkered flag. Clinton’s Ben Clark and the heat race winner, Corey Walker of Augusta, were fourth and fifth-place finishers in the main event.


Audet, of New Sharon, topped the Flyin’ 4 feature event. Brad Bosworth of Cornville and Pete McCollett of Readfield also grabbed trophies. Fourth-place finisher Justin Moore of Madison claimed the heat race checkered flag.


Young added to her impressive victory total in the Ladies division. Cornville driver Shelby Kimball claimed runner-up honors, with Mika Wilson third after Tim Robinson loaned her a car to run in the main event when problems cropped up on her own ride. Alica Goodwin of Clinton and Amanda Batchelder of Fairfield rounded out the top five. Young was also the heat race victor.


Donny Silva of Hudson outran Benton’s Alex Fernald and Fairfield’s Kenneth Pelotte to the line in the 25-lap enduro race.


Former Unity Raceway regular Ben Nile won the main event for the visiting Maine Mods. Arundel’s Tommy Stilphen was second across the line, followed by Reid Lanphear of



Late Model: 1. 15 Frank Moulton, Burnham; 2. X Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 3. 12 Seth Raven, Waldo; 4. 23x Mike Hodgkins, Jefferson; 5. 99 Ajay Picard, Palmyra; 6. 10x Markus Lowe, Jackson; 7. 9 Dylan Turner, Freedom; 8. 25 Will Collins, Appleton; 9. 20 Kyle Keene, Belfast; 10. 34x Dickie Byron, Madison; 11. 110 Glenn Curtis, Hudson; 12. 10 Ralph Nason, Unity; 13. Kris Huff, Orrington; 14. 6 Kyle Turner, Freedom; 15. 1 Willy Pelotte, Oakland.


Racin’ Paper Super Street: 1. 51 RJ Austin, Smithfield; 2. 47 Nate Weston, Madison; 3. 21 Nick Huff, Orrington; 4. 97 Dan Trask, Augusta; 5. 73 Brad Bellows, China Village; 6. 94 Steve Rackliff, Starks; 7. 80 Steve Moulton, Holden; 8. 61 Shawn Austin, Norridgewock; DNS 11 Ricky Burgess, Waterville.


Keystone Automotive Wildcat: 1. 14 Andy Turbovsky, Winslow; 2. 03 Maurice Young, Chelsea; 3. 29 Chris King, Burnham; 4. 2 Ryan Robinson, Clinton; 5. 24 Ed Gilblair, Sr., Skowhegan; 6. 98 Todd Rollins, St. Albans; 7. 33 Eddie Gilblair, Jr., Skowhegan; 8. 51r Tyler Ring, Detroit; 9. 53 Richard Jackson, Hudson; 10. 15 Michael Anderson, Portsmouth, NH; DQ 51 Bryan Robbins, Montville.


Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro Four: 1. 94 Steve Rackliff, Starks; 2. 26 Norm Cummings, Jr., Augusta; 3. 51 Mike Mason, Skowhegan; 4. 21 Ben Clark, Clinton; 5. 20 Corey Walker, Augusta; 6. 6 Cary Davis, Solon.


Monster Energy Drink Monsta Mini: 1. 92 Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 2. 64 Lance Chapman, Clinton; 3. 18 Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 4. 2 Greg Cummings, Augusta; 5. 4 Nick Lizotte, Sidney; 6. 41 Larry Melcher, Livermore Falls; 7. 46 John Fortin, Vassalboro; 8. 07 Derrick Terrell, Plymouth.


Aable Auto Parts Flyin’ 4: 1. 19 Zach Audet, New Sharon; 2. 15 Brad Bosworth, Cornville; 3. 20 Pete McCollett, Readfield; 4. 5 Justin Moore, Madison; DNS Brian Dickey, Madison.


Waterville Oaks Ladies: 1. 18 Chelsea Young, Winterport; 2. 08 Shelby Kimball, Cornville; 3. 62 Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 4. 00 Alica Goodwin, Clinton; 5. 23 Amanda Batchelder, Fairfield; 6. 25 Christie Foster, Norridgewock.


Geo & Sons Teen Thunder: 1. 88x Wes Turner, Montville; 2. 8 Mike Fernald, Benton; 3. 51 Jayson Bosworth, Cornville; 4. 09 Matt Kimball, Cornville; 5. 1 Kaleb Bernatchez, Vassalboro; 6. 17 Levi Swan, Jefferson; 7. 11 Emily McAlpine, Burnham; 8. 15 Colby Robbins, Montville.


Enduro: 1. 71 Donny Silva, Hudson; 2. 15 Alex Fernald, Benton; 3. 11jr Kenneth Pelotte, Fairfield; 4. 7 Chuck Robbins, Skowhegan; 5. 5 Mike Gilbert, Jr., Canaan.


Maine Mods: 1. 14 Ben Nile, Anson; 2. 70 Tommy Stilphen, Arundel; 3. 59 Reid Lanpher, Manchester; 4. 11 Tyler King, Jay; 5. 1 Dustin Bisson, Greene; 6. 10 Jason Black, Manchester.