Tim Campbell Takes Allen Lumber Street Stock Special

Barre, VT – Swanton’s Taber Gagne earned the $3,000 pay day in the 26th Annual M&M Beverage 200 at Barre’s Thunder Road International Speedbowl on Sunday, August 8. The former Airborne Speedway Tiger Sportsman competitor was the only driver to complete all 200 laps. A total of 104 cars from all over the Northeast were on hand to take their shot at the top prize.

Tim Campbell of West Topsham earned his fifth win of the 2010 Thunder Road Allen Lumber Street Stock season in the 50 lap M&M Beverage special. Campbell worked his way into the lead just before the halfway point from his seventeenth starting position. He would hold off a hard charging Mike MacAskill, who won last season’s Street Stock special, without giving up the lead for the remainder of the event.

Gary Bashaw, Jean Leblanc, and Ron Gabaree rounded out the top five, while Will Hennequin, Greg Adams, Donnie Yates, Dave Whitcomb and Danny Doyle completed the top ten. The race saw just four cautions and took just over 26 minutes.

Cabot’s Ken Christman earned the Junkyard Warriors win followed by Brock Parrott, Josh Erwin, Kevin Dodge and Kevin Wheatley rounded out the top five.

The Allen Lumber Street Stocks and Junkyard Warriors will be joined by the Thunder Road Late Models and the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen this Thursday, August 12 for Aaron’s Sales and Lease night. The event will also feature a Run-What-U-Brung event. Post time is 6:30pm.

Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors Special Unofficial Results

M&M Beverage

Thunder Road

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pos     Car #     Driver                           Hometown

1          34ss      Tim Campbell, Sr.         W. Topsham, VT

2           3ss       Micheal MacAskill        Williamstown, VT

3          92ss      Garry Bashaw               Lincoln, VT

4           7ss       Jean LeBlanc                 Gorham, NH

5           9ss       Ron Gabaree                Barre, VT

6          47ss      William Hennequin      Morrisville, VT

7          38ss      Greg Adams                  Hardwick, VT

8          05ss      #Donnie Yates              N. Montpelier, VT

9          77ss      Dave Whitcomb            Elmore, VT

10        26ss      Danny Doyle                 Hancock, VT

11        43ss      Jamie Davis                  Wolcott, VT

12        33ss      #Thomas Placey           Bradford, VT

13       4jyw     Ken Christman              Cabot, VT

14        83ss      Bunker Hodgdon           Hardwick, VT

15         2ss       David LaFleche             Graniteville, VT

16      23jyw    Brock Parrott                Williamstown, VT

17      57jyw    Josh Erwin                     Waterbury, VT

18       8jyw     Kevin Dodge                 Barre, VT

19        39ss      Kevin Streeter               Waitsfield, VT

20      31jyw    Kevin Wheatley            Williamstown, VT

21        51ss      #Sid Sweet Jr.               Williamstown, VT

22        78ss      #Alex Whitcomb           Montpelier, VT

23        90ss      Brett Pierce                  Barre, VT

24        35ss      #Keith Fortier               Hinesburg, VT

25        66ss      Travis Hull                    Graniteville, VT

26        04ss      Scott Weston                Berlin, VT

27        29ss      Gary Mullen                 Tunbridge, VT

28        25ss      Jennifer Getty               Cambridge, VT

29        03ss      Lloyd Blakely                Graniteville, VT

30        09ss      Robert Williams           Orange, VT

31        23ss      Kyle Hess                      Morrisville, VT

Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Junkyard Warriors M&M Beverage Special – Sunday, August 8, 2010 – 1. Tim Campbell, Sr. (34ss) W. Topsham, VT, 2. Micheal MacAskill (3ss) Williamstown, VT, 3. Garry Bashaw (92ss) Lincoln, VT, 4. Jean LeBlanc (7ss) Gorham, NH, 5. Ron Gabaree (9ss) Barre, VT, 6. William Hennequin (47ss) Morrisville, VT, 7. Greg Adams (38ss) Hardwick, VT, 8. #Donnie Yates (05ss) N. Montpelier, VT, 9. Dave Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT, 10. Danny Doyle (26ss) Hancock, VT, 11. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT, 12. #Thomas Placey (33ss) Bradford, VT, 13. Ken Christman (4jyw) Cabot, VT, 14. Bunker Hodgdon (83ss) Hardwick, VT, 15. David LaFleche (2ss) Graniteville, VT, 16. Brock Parrott (23jyw) Williamstown, VT, 17. Josh Erwin (57jyw) Waterbury, VT, 18. Kevin Dodge (8jyw) Barre, VT, 19. Kevin Streeter (39ss) Waitsfield, VT, 20. Kevin Wheatley (31jyw) Williamstown, VT, 21. #Sid Sweet Jr. (51ss) Williamstown, VT, 22. #Alex Whitcomb (78ss) Montpelier, VT, 23. Brett Pierce (90ss) Barre, VT, 24. #Keith Fortier (35ss) Hinesburg, VT, 25. Travis Hull (66ss) Graniteville, VT, 26. Scott Weston (04ss) Berlin, VT, 27. Gary Mullen (29ss) Tunbridge, VT, 28. Jennifer Getty (25ss) Cambridge, VT, 29. Lloyd Blakely (03ss) Graniteville, VT, 30. Robert Williams (09ss) Orange, VT, 31. Kyle Hess (23ss) Morrisville, VT.

Complete M&M Beverage Enduro results will be posted on www.thunderroadspeedbowl.com tomorrow (Monday, August 9).