Unity, Maine – Skowhegan’s David Folsom I was the biggest winner Saturday at Unity Raceway, while New Sharon’s Zach Audet claimed three first-place trophies on the Fernald Frenzy Fun card, filled with novelty racing events.


Folsom, a competitor in the Late Model division topping the weekly racing programs at the 1/3-mile Waldo County oval, was declared the winner of the 100-lap Enduro race after apparent victor Mickey Landry of Norridgewock was disqualified for multiple technical violations.


Folsom had led much of the first 60 laps or so, swapping the top spot in the early stages of the race with his son, David Folsom II, and Ed Sleeper of Vassalboro, before Landry went by and proceeded to lap the entire field, getting by eventual winner Folsom as the white flag waved.


Frankfort’s Chris Burbelo drove a steady race, hanging in the top-five throughout the century grind to pick up runner-up honors. Multi-time Unity Raceway Wildcat champion Carl McAlpine of Burnham grabbed the third-place trophy. Bill Winter of Sidney and Vassalboro’s John Fortin rounded out the top five.


Audet prevailed in the Backward Race, Bag Race and Ramp Race.


In the Backward race Audet outdueled Justin Moore of Madison in a race-long battle. Moore, who outpointed Audet in the season-long race for the Unity Raceway Flyin’ 4 division title, settled for runner-up honors in front of Winterport racer Henry Boudreau.


In the Bag Race, where a co-pilot directs the driver with a bag over his head around the raceway, Audet paired with navigator Lacey Merrill to earn a decisive victory. Samantha Letourneau and Amanda Batchelder teamed up for a popular runner-up finish, with

Patrick Cook following the directions of Ken Cook en route to a third-place finish.


The Ramp Race, where drivers must put at least two wheels over a ramp approaching the start-finish line on every lap, saw Audet lead all the way. Augusta’s Paul Jackson was the best of the rest, with Kerlsy Santos of Waterville third.


John Fortin of Vassalboro teamed with Benton’s Samantha Letourneau to win the Jack & Jill Race, where drivers had to stop and change drivers on every lap without leaving the car. Fortin and Letourneau were second across the line, but apparent winners Bruce Nickerson and Ashley Savage were disqualified for seat belt usage violations. Paul Jackson and Brandi Jackson claimed the runner-up trophy. Zach Audet and Lacey Merrill teamed up for a third-place finish, followed by the mother/son team of Ed and Jodi Sleeper.


A Powder Puff race for Ladies (with any regular competitor ineligible) was won by Augustaa’s Brandi Jackson. Samantha Farnham made a late charge into second position, with Michele Dubois, who led much of the race, settling for third-place laurels.


Clinton’s Ben Clark teamed up with Kerlsy Santos of Waterville to claim the Race Your Neighbor trophy.


Burnham’s Chris King was most impressive in the Burnout Contest.


Bob Seger, Jr. of Frankfort narrowly missed the track record with a 101-foot leap in the Ramp Jump contest.


The 2010 season concludes this weekend with the Annual Long John Weekend at Unity Raceway. Saturday, October 9 is mostly filled with qualifying events for all weekly divisions, while Sunday action is highlighted by a 100-lap Late Model race, along with 75-lappers for Super Street and Wildcat division racers. All other divisions are scheduled for 50-lap features. Racing action on both Saturday and Sunday is scheduled for 1:00 p.m. For more information visit unityraceway.info or call (207) 453-2021.



Enduro (100 laps): 1. x15 David Folsom I, Skowhegan; 2. 40 Chris Burbelo, Farnkfort; 3. 11x Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 4. Bill Winter, Sidney; 5. 46 John Fortin, Vassalboro; 6. 115 Mike Moore, Madison; 7. 80 Steve Moulton, Holden; 8. 56 Paul Jackson, Augusta; 9. 29 Chris King, Burnham; 10. Dustin Ward, Unity.


Backward Race: 1. Zach Audet, New Sharon; 2. 5 Justin Moore, Madison; 3. 88 Henry Boudreau, Jr., Winterport; 4. 48 Patrick Cook, Swanville; 5. 11 Bruce Nickerson, Norridgewock.


Ramp Race: 1. 19 Zach Audet, New Sharon; 2. 56 Paul Jackson, Augusta; 3. 35 Kerlsy Santos, Waterville; 4. 11 Bruce Nickerson, Norridgewock; 5. Bob Seger, Jr., Frankfort.


Bag Race: 1. 19 Zach Audet & Lacey Merrill; 2. 56 Samantha Letourneau & Amanda Batchelder; 3. 48 Patrick Cook & Ken Cook; 4. 46 John Fortin & Jamie Knight; 5. Chris King & Dean Curtis.


Jack & Jill Race: 1. 46 John Fortin & Samantha Letourneau; 2. 56 Paul Jackson & Brandi Jackson; 3. 19 Zach Audet & Lacey Merrill; 4. 22 Ed Sleeper & Jodi Slerper; DQ 11 Bruce Nickerson & Ashley Savage.


Powder Puff: 1. 911 Brandi Jackson, 2. 57 Samantha Farnham; 3. 46 Michele Dubois


Race Your Neighbor: 1. Kerlsy Santos, Waterville and Ben Clark, Clinton; 2. Patrick Cook, Swanville.


Burnout Contest: 1. Chris King, Burnham.