Saturday night saw the NEMST’s first visit to the fast 1/3 mile track in Seekonk, MA. Tim Jackson proved that not only Mustangs could win in the NEMST but, suffered from a DQ because of Tire Softener. NEMST rookie and current point leader Chris McKinstry benefitted from Jackson’s misfortune and took home the $1000 payout and win #6 for the season.

24 cars were in attendance for the Kraze Korlacki Speed Equipment Racing Against Breast Cancer event, with 21 starting the feature. As always the faster cars were started at the rear of the feature but quickly worked their way through the even paced pack.

There were a few early cautions including a lap 6 incident that involved Randy Churchill and Beth Adams, the red flag was used and the ambulance was brought out to Adams’ car. Adams’ suffered a broken wrist from the severe steering impact of Churchill’s car hitting her right front wheel. With tough 3 wide and side by side battling the field was putting on an impressive show.

On lap 14 there was another quick yellow as Chad Baxter spun in turn 4 but could not get moving in time. By the lap 14 caution the 8, 88, 81, and 14 were running through traffic at an astounding pace. When the green came back out it was Emerson Cayer and Roger Ducharme trying to break away from the pack.

NEMST newcomer Tim Jackson had completed his run from the rear took the lead on the 20th lap. Jackson would show some strength as he ran away from the field and started to get into lapped traffic. Calvin Rose Jr. made an impressive move from the back in only his third NEMST race and was running deep into the top 5 all day long.

The next caution slowed the field on lap 38 for the stopped car of Mike Metcalf in turn 2. When the field went green it was Jackson again pulling away from the rest. At lap 50 it was the 14, 8, 88, 81, and 05 running in the top 5. The final caution of the event came on the 64th circuit because of Michael Viens stopping in turn 2. On the restart Emerson Cayer showed strength and pushed his way back into 2nd by passing McKinstry. ON the final 3 circuits the battle for second heated back up and McKinstry slid underneath Cayer to take back the position. With 2 laps remaing the current leader Tim Jackson was black flagged for the prior infractions found in pre race tech.

Jackson’s car was quickly checked in victory lane and was found that no changes had been made to the illegal tires and was removed from the racing circuit amid the host of boos from the crowd, the boo’s were not for Jackson’s domination of the event but for tour officials making the late race call. While tour director explained the penalty in victory the crowd was still upset with the outcome and the removal of Jackson. The new top 5 ended up being Mckinstry, Cayer, Rose, Dorr and Churchill.

The NEMST’s next and final event for 2010 will be held on October 17th as part of Twin State Speedway’s Fall Challenge in Claremont, NH.

Seekonk Results

1. 8 Chris McKinstry

2. 88 Emerson Cayer

3. 81 Calvin Rose Jr.

4. 16 Dwayne Dorr

5. 05 Randy Churchill Jr.

6. 34 Roger Ducharme

7. 69 Louis Maher

8. 85 Michael Viens

9. 21 Chad Baxter

10. 22 Jeff Hebert

11. 41 Loren Smith

12. 26 Jeff Moffett

13. 84 Bill Schoeler

14. 84x Brian Vincent

15. 24 Joseph Baxter

16. 6 Mike Metcalf

17. 79 Todd Henshaw

18. 60 John Kelly

19. 87 Beth Adams

20. 5 Tim Higginbotham

DQ 14 Tim Jackson

DNS 59 David Gavlict

DNS 36 Michael Gorgievski

DNS 14X Unknown