The 2010 NEMST point champion only led one lap in Sunday’s event at Twin State Speedway, but it was the right one. McKinstry clinched the 2010 title Saturday after winning his heat race in a dream season of racing, 8 starts and 7 wins.

It was the first time the NEMST, only in its sophomore year, visited the unique track in Claremont, NH. The 50 lap NEMST feature kicked off the day on Sunday with Rob Gioia and Roger Ducharme leading the field down for the initial start. Ducharme broke out to the early lead with Jeff Hebert of Auburn, ME taking over controls at lap 3. The first 13 laps went incident free before the 99 car of Donald Rogers spun to the infield and brought out the first caution flag. On the restart it was Hebert and Cayer on the front row with Hebert carrying the lead through turn 1. On lap 15 the 88 of Emerson Cayer squeezed Hebert low in turn 2 and took the lead down the backstretch. Chris McKinstry also snuck by the 22 of Hebert and began to chase Cayer down.

At the halfway point it was the 88,8,22,81, and 34 making up the top 5 with McKinstry right on the bumper of Cayer. The two Maine boys were also looking for racing room as Rose and Hebert swapped positions a few times. On lap 33 McKinstry ducked in but could not find a groove that would stick and had to follow Cayer yet again.

The second Caution flew on lap 38 for the spin of the 4 car of Rob Gioia which closed the field up once more. On the restart Cayer held off the challenge and bumping from Mckinstry as well as Hebert and Rose. On lap 45 McKinstry looked low and had the inside line but the caution flew for the turn 4 spin of the 99. With only 5 laps remaining lapped cars were put to the rear and the top 8 were left to decide it amongst themselves. With the 8 and 88 making contact a few times under caution to show that they were there.

The restart looked much like the last with the 88 pulling out a little from the 8. Calvin Rose threw it in deep and slid past the 22 in turn 3 with 2 to go as McKinstry was working on Cayer. McKinstry was right in the tracks of the 88 but could not find a lane to pass until turn 4 on lap 49. Cayer went in a little hot as Rob Gioia spun on the front straight. As Cayer slid through turn 4 the bottom groove opened up and McKinstry finally saw his chance. McKinstry jammed the throttle and a drag race for the win ensued. McKinstry nosed out front and Cayer rubbed the door of the 8 car but it was not enough as the 8 of Mckinstry got his 7th win of the season by only about 18 Inches over Cayer at the line.

Twin State Speedway Results

1. 8 Chris McKinstry

2. 88 Emerson Cayer

3. 81 Calvin Rose Jr.

4. 22 Jeff Hebert

5. 41 Loren Smith

6. 34 Roger Ducharme

7. 4 Rob Gioia

8. 71 Eric Pomasko

9. 40 Robert Leach

10. 99 Donald Rogers II

11. 15 Tyler Lescord