In a monumental announcement, Canaan Fair Speedway promoter,
Dick Therrien and Lee USA Speedway promoter, Bob Watson are pleased to
announce the formation of a brand new six race Pro Stock series for the 2011
racing season. The series will be sponsored by Coors and will be featuring
three races at each track, culminating with the championship event at
Octoberfest at Lee.

“Bob and I have been working on this for the past couple of
months and now have pretty much got the final touches on the plan, stated
Therrien. We sat down this past Saturday and worked out most of the details.
The only thing major left is to decide on which brand of tire we go with,
American Racers or Hoosiers. This unique series will feature solid purses
and race distances ranging from 50 laps to 100 laps. We will utilize the
Canaan Fair Speedway Pro Stock rule book for the Series. Canaan Fair
Speedway’s Chief Technical Inspector, Charlie Rockwell, along with Assistant
Inspector, Jamie Rockwell will be in charge of policing the six race
division. The Rockwell’s are known for being extremely fair, and for their
quality demeanor, and will be 100% in charge of this aspect of the Series.”

“Dick and I felt that this Series can get some of the areas idle
Pro Stocks out of mothballs, and with this mini-series it should entice many
of these racers back to the tracks. Our goal is to make this series a fun
and affordable one, one that will certainly be enjoyed by our fans. Pro
Stocks are awesome to watch, and they put on an incredible show, declared
Watson. We had a great field of cars for Octoberfest, and Dick has a good
field at Canaan, where they run on a weekly basis. We hope this will
benefit both tracks by combining the efforts for six events in 2011. Dick
is hoping for a few teams to race at Canaan on a regular or semi-regular
basis and I am happy to have these rockets on my schedule on a limited
basis. We feel this is a win, win situation for both tracks.”

The Coors Six Pack Pro Stock Series opens up on Saturday, May
28th at Canaan Fair Speedway with a 50 lap main event paying the winner a
cool $1,000. Round #2 kicks into high gear the following Friday night at Lee
USA Speedway on June 3rd. The third event goes green at Canaan on Saturday,
June 18th, while event #4 heads back to Lee on Friday, July 29th. The
Canaan portion of the Series wraps up on Saturday, September 3rd with a 100
lap event paying $1,500 to the winner. The Coors Six Pack Series will
conclude at Lee’s Octoberfest weekend October 21st-23rd. The Series will
offer a solid point fund which will be distributed at the tracks on that

The final plans and guidelines will be released within the next
couple of weeks, and will appear on both tracks websites. For more
information contact Dick Therrien at 802-274-8823 / e-mail him at or Bob Watson at
978-462-4252 / e-mail him at