story by the Chris Roy

Corey Morgan driver of the number 26 late model has a full schedule in the 2011 race season. Competing at Oxford Plains Speedway and Beech Ridge Motor Speedway, as well as trying to qualify for the 2011 TD Bank 250 and the ACT Invitational at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Corey finished the season in 3rd place at OPS, he also finished the TD Bank 250 in 3rd place.

RPM. What have you been doing over the winter?
Corey. Working in garage, built new 2 outlaws one for wife and 1 for my cousin Pat, and misc. work for friends, also lettered a ton of race cars, it never stops for us, but mostly spending time with my kids.
Corey Morgan
RPM. Are you all set for the season opener at OPS?
Corey. I am my car is still in trailer from the last race, I don’t dare touch it right now.

RPM. With a 3rd place finish last season at OPS, can you win the championship this year?
Corey. Championships have never been a strong thing for me, one bad night takes you right out of things, I just go as hard as I can every lap and take what I get.
TD Bank 250
RPM. What changes would you make to improve the racing at OPS?
Corey. I don’t know we all have to find a way to get more people interested and in the stands or on the track, I do my part by helping anybody I can with info to help get them on the track or involved in anyway I can.

RPM. Will you be running the TD Bank 250, and the ACT races at OPS?
Corey. Yes I will run everything I can at Oxford and Beech Ridge.

RPM. Are you going to try and race the 2 ACT races at NHMS?
Corey. Yes I will try to qualify for the NHMS ACT races, it’s pretty cool to say you have been there, we have practiced both times but not made the race yet, I hope we get to race this year, our car is always better on long runs, maybe that will work out there too.
3rd Place Finish
RPM. What’s your opinion of the 2011 OPS schedule?
Corey. It’s real short, I wish there were more races but in this economy I’m just glad we have a place to race at all.

RPM. What made you decide to run a late model instead of a pro-stock or even a modified?
Corey. Oxford has always been home, between that and financially, I didn’t have alot of options, It has proven to be the right decision for my small team.

RPM. What is the key to getting around OPS?
Corey. Now you know I can’t tell you that…. Go fast turn left. I don’t know there’s just something about my driving style and Dale Shaw’s setup that really work for me.

RPM. What do you like to do when you are not racing?
Corey. I don’t know I guess I’ll have to figure that out someday, spend time with my kids, I really don’t do anything other than that and work on my race cars.

Test and Tune at NHMS