One of the drivers you will see back at Unity Raceway, this season, is Amanda Terrill driver of the #23 in the Ladies Class. Unity maybe one of the Maine’s “Toughest Tracks” but, the ladies are up for the challenge. Amanda race for the 1st time in the series and finished the season in 3rd place and won “Rookie of the Year”. With one 2nd place finish and 4 3rd place finishes, Amanda is looking forward 2011 season and capturing that 1st career win in the Ladies Division.

RPM. What have you been doing in the off season?
Amanda. I took about a month off and then began the process of redoing the race car with help from Shadow Folsom, Ed Gilblair and Zach Audet, to get the car ready for the Augusta civic center show and the Portland Expo. When I’m not working on the race car I am either working or spending time with my 3 children, and also this winter I have made plans to go back to school and get my CNA after helping take care of one of Unity’s pit gate employee’s ( Charlie Lindsey) who fought a short battle with cancer.

Amanda racing at Unity Raceway
RPM. What are your plans for the 2011 race season?
Amanda. I plan on racing in the ladies division all year. As much as I would love to say that I would love a Championship, I am really just looking to better myself from last years 3rd place in points finish.

RPM. Are you all set for the opening day at Unity Raceway?
Amanda. I really wish that I could say I am, but I can’t. I still have to change my front and rear ends and my seat around and then ill be good to go.

RPM. What do you think of the 2011 race schedule?
Amanda. LOVE IT… I like the fact that we have a 40 lap race this season. Also that we race into October. I think that if I had to change part of the schedule that, I would bring back the triple crown races for each division.

RPM. What is the key to getting around Unity Raceway Why?
Amanda. This one might be a little tough to answer as this will only be my 2nd year racing and there are more people that know how to get around Unity a lot better then I do. I had to learn entrance and exits, when to gas and when to let off. The biggest pieces of advise I got EVERYWEEK, was from Zach Audet, “AMANDA FOOT FLOOR”

RPM. What improvement would you like to see in the 2011 race season?
Amanda. For the most part the track is run very well line ups and drivers meetings go smooth and quickly. I wish that they could find a way to bring back track side interviews. I know that as many sponsors as I have and their in the stands they like to hear there names and being thanked. Cautions take up a big part of the night they need to do away with the pace car every time there is a yellow make the drivers pay attention to the flag man and figure out a way to get track crew to hurry along. The rules are a good set I just wish that tech would follow them. If there is one thing I hate it’s a pass through in the tech garage they should check at least 2 things on every car.

RPM. Is there a lot of work in setting up the car for the race? And does it very from to track?
Amanda. It does take some time to set the car up, not as much time as a late model but still time. There are a lot of factors that play a roll in making the car handle, for the most part it’s all about finding the right combination that fits that night. My car is a lot about weigh percentages, tire stager and toe. I have found that going to different tracks it does very some, as some tracks we have to change tires and rims. For the most part I can get away with upping tire pressures or lowering them to compensate for the change of rims.

RPM. With a strong run last season and 3rd place finish, can you bring home the 2011 Ladies Championship?
Amanda. With a little hard work and determination I think that possibly it can be done. As I would love to be the 2011 ladies champion, I am really just going to try to better myself from last year and have fun. An if a championship is the out come I know that I had fun doing something that I love.

RPM. If you could do one thing to improve the safety of the drivers what would it be?
Amanda. I myself am a very avid safety person. I think Unity should send someone around to do fire suit checks no holes/ rips and they shouldn’t be over a certain year of age so that the fire proof retardant is still active. Racing gloves and boots/shoes should also be mandatory. I watched my uncle burn when his super sportsman then burst into flames, and if it wasn’t for him wearing his suit, gloves and boots, then he would have been a whole lot worse then what he was.

Amanda would like to thank her sponsors.
Newburgh Variety, Groundhog Grafix, Mr. J’s Auto, B & F vegetable stand, Ed Gilblair and son trucking, Miller Auto, A-1 forest products, First choice Auto, Miller heating, Folsom and son auto, Picard’s plowing, Tire king, H20 water well drilling