44 Drivers Set to Take the Green Flag for $75,000.00 Sunday Afternoon

A total of 77 drivers entered the gates at North Wilkesboro Speedway (NC) this weekend to partake in the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) South presented by JE Pistons and Roush Yates Performance Products “THE RACE,” which is scheduled to take place Sunday afternoon, April 10th. After qualifying, heat races and a couple last chance events, the 44-car field is set to take the green flag at the historic North Carolina track, where the winner will take home $75,000.00, along with five drivers eligible for the additional $25,000.00 bonus.

On Friday, Stephen Nasse etched his name in the record books, earning the McGunegill Engine Performance Fast Time Award with a new track record of 18.700 seconds. Justin Wakefield, Ryan Moore, Brian Ickler, Bubba Pollard, Augie Grill, Pat Kelly, Andy Loden, Johnny Clark, Jay Fogleman, Cale Gale, Kenzie Ruston, Trevor Sanborn, TJ Reaid and Chris Eggleston all locked themselves into the field as the fastest 15 during qualifying. The top-10 drivers redrew for their starting positions, with Clark and Fogleman starting THE RACE on the front row followed by Kelly, Loden, Grill, Pollard, Wakefield, Moore, Ickler and Nasse.

Friday evening, five 25-lap heat races were run with the top-three drivers in each race transferring into THE RACE. Winners of the heat races were Patrick Laperle, Ross Kenseth, Ryan Blaney, Jeff Choquette and Preston Peltier. Others that transferred in during the heat races were Jody Lavender, Rebecca Kasten, Mario Gosslin, Brandon Ward, Erik Darnell, Heath Hindman, Corey Williams, Mike Rowe, Garrett Evans and Scott Mulkern.

Saturday, the balance of the non-qualified drivers raced in two 40-lap last chance races with just the winners transferring into THE RACE. Taking the victories in the two races were Trey Mitchell and Alex Fleming.

Provisionals to complete the 44-car field went to Ben Rowe, Joey Doiron, Steve Legendre, Cassius Clark, Gary Smith, John Batten, Jimmy Weller, Scott Alexander, Randy Turner and Gray Gaulding. Geoff Bodine and Sterling Marlin were added to the back of the field as North Wilkesboro Speedway track provisionals.

In addition to the $75,000.00 that will go to the winner, five drivers have a chance at an additional $25,000.00 bonus. Clark, Fogleman, Peltier, Legendre and Rowe competed full time in either the PASS North or PASS South season in 2010, as well as the four National events, making them eligible for the extra cash if they win THE RACE.

For more information on the Pro All Stars Series and “THE RACE” at North Wilkesboro Speedway, go to www.proallstarsseries.com.

PASS South presented by JE Pistons and Roush Yates Performance Products “THE RACE” Starting Lineup

1st 54 Johnny Clark

2nd 4 Jay Fogleman

3rd 53 Pat Kelly

4th 29 Andy Loden

5th 112 Augie Grill

6th 18 Bubba Pollard

7th 98 Justin Wakefield

8th 74 Ryan Moore

9th 154 Brian Ickler

10th 51 Stephen Nasse

11th 83 Cale Gale

12th 39 Kenzie Ruston

13th 29s Trevor Sanborn

14th 51 TJ Reaid

15th 08 Chris Eggleston

16th 91l Patrick Laperle

17th 25 Ross Kenseth

18th 10 Ryan Blaney

19th 129 Jeff Choquette

20th 26 Preston Peltier

21st 115 Jody Lavender

22nd 51k Rebecca Kasten

23rd 61 Mario Gosslin

24th 62 Brandon Ward

25th 7 Erik Darnell

26th 91 Heath Hindman

27th 47s Corey Williams

28th 24n Mike Rowe

29th 64 Garrett Evans

30th 84 Scott Mulkern

31st 47 Trey Mitchell

32nd 05 Alex Fleming

33rd 4n Ben Rowe

34th 73 Joey Doiron

35th 20 Steve Legendre

36th 8 Cassius Clark

37th 75 Gary Smith

38th 48 John Batten

39th 23 Jimmy Weller

40th 17a Scott Alexander

41st 1n Randy Turner

42nd 2 Gray Gaulding

43rd 10b Geoff Bodine

44th 40 Sterling Marlin