Story by Chris Roy

Well the 2011 PASS racing season has started and Johnny Clark has picked up right were he left off last season, leading the points in the PASS North Series, as he took the checkered flag at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. I asked Johnny about the last 5 laps of the race this is what he had to say, “The last 5 laps was just riding with a decent lead, fingers crossed that we had no more cautions, because the 7 car (Donnie Whitten) was coming!”

The question I ask every driver is safety, and what they suggest to improve it Johnny response was, “I can’t emphasis how important a good comfortable, safe seat is. I like Lajoie seats.”

Though PASS isn’t returning to Maine’s Toughest Track, Unity Raceway this season it’s still the 54 cars favorite track, is. “I have won there on the high side, and down low. $2500 to win races as well as $25k races. Just seems like a track that my driving style fits, and had a lot of success there.”

Johnny started racing in PASS back in 2002 and won “Rookie of the Year”. Then in 2003 he scored his 1st PASS win, and 2004 was even better as Johnny won the PASS Championship.

In 2005 Johnny competed against 25 different drivers from all over the North America and even one driver from New Zealand in Roush Racing “Driver X”. One of the judges on “Driver X”, was Maine’s own Ricky Craven. Then in 2006 Johnny and Ricky teamed up to compete in the 2006 TD Bank North 250. Later that season Johnny teamed up with fellow “Driver X” competitor Michael Pickens, to race in the PASS 400 weekend at BRMS. And to finish off the 2006 season Johnny won his 2nd PASS Championship.

Johnny made the drive for 5 complete when he racked up 3 more PASS Championships in 2008, 2009, and 2010.

I asked Johnny what he though about Wiscasset Raceway, closing this year. “Wiscasset has struggled the last few seasons, No one can deny that. Hopefully this will help other race tracks in surrounding areas, and can make it into a positive. If racing strengthens in the next few seasons, maybe someone else can take a shot at running it.”

The Pro All Stars Series is heading to Star Speedway this weekend, and with a few adjustments to the set up the 54 car will be ready to go. “The key to getting around Star is making sure you turn well with out paying for it with the loss of forward drive. Also making sure you are good both on the high side as well as down low.”