story by Chris Roy

Ryan Ripley a 3rd generation race car driver is once again taking on Maine’s Toughest track, Unity Raceway.
Ryan won the 2010 Super Street Series championship at Wiscasset Raceway. This season he is looking to bring home the “Flyin 4’s” championship at Unity Raceway.

Ryan is off to good start with a win in the 09x on opening day at Unity Raceway. “The last 5 laps of the race we had our first restart, I took off, but I was late taking off , she (the car) started breaking down on me but, we had another restart with 2 laps to go.” Then on the final restart the 09x was able to take the lead, “We took off, I was side by side with the 71 and he missed the shift, I took the lead and was able to hold him back.”

Though Ryan was excited to win the championship last season at Wiscasset Raceway, he was disappointed to hear the track was close 2011 race season. “I really liked the track, shame to see a good track like that go to waste but, I’ll have sun up here at Unity with my mini.”

Unity is a raceway that has been called “Maine’s Toughest Track”, Ryan remarked “It’s awful rough out there, you defiantly have to know how to race around here.”

When asked about his fellow competitor’s, “there is a couple of guys out there that are pretty strong and we are racing with the ladies too, but the 71 car gave me a run on opening day.”

Ryan was all set for this past weekends race, “the car was a little loose, during practice but was ready to race.” He ended up finishing the race in 5th place this past weekend’s .