For the first event under the new Texas Roadhouse nameplate the North East Mini Stock Tour had a full field racing n front of a packed grandstand on the nicest weather weekend in northern New England so far this year.

Twenty mini stock cars from five New England states showed up at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway in Scarborough, Maine early Saturday morning for the Texas Roadhouse NEMST season opener. It was clear early in the first practice session that a close field of cars had arrived with eight drivers within .2 of a second lap times.

The morning went very smoothly with Texas Roadhouse’s from Scarborough, ME and Newington, NH set up in the grandstands while the NEMST officials performed the pre-race technical inspections. During the drivers meeting every competitor received a free entrée pass on behalf of Texas Roadhouse and Jeff Prindall won the Tater’s NASCAR Merchandise cash bonus.

As the heat races rolled out, Emerson Cayer and Zach Audet had a strong battle in race one with the former champ Cayer prevailing at the end. In heat two Tim Jackson came from deep in the field to win with Chad Baxter coming in the runner up position.

The feature line up was set and the cars rolled into position. Audet’s #19 was sputtering while rolling into the grid as the fuel pump had let go. The team changed the pump just in time for the feature and everyone rolled out onto the track.

Emily Holmes from the Newington, NH Texas Roadhouse waved the green flag over Loren Smith and Roger Ducharme as they led to field into turn one. Smith broke out to the early lead while the cars starting in the rear were making their way through the pack. Inaugural season champion Emerson Cayer had motor troubles early on and pulled into the pit area. Joe Turner was making strong progress from his mid pack starting position and chased down Smith. As Joe Turner overtook Smith for the top spot, Zach Audet and Rob Greenleaf were slicing thorugh the top 10 cars.

Just after the halfway point Audet had caught Turner and overtook the top spot on the outside out of turn two. Five laps later Greenleaf had shuffled Turner back to the second spot as Audet pulled away from the field with some smoke coming from his car going into the corners.

On lap 37 there was a caution for the stopped car of Michael Viens on the backstretch. With the field bunched up once again two-by-two, Jordan Harnish waved the green. Greenleaf and Rose established themselves the rest of the top-3 while Audet pulled away slowly with more smoke escaping into the corners. Turner pulled back into the top-5 in the final laps and Greenleaf was hampered on his progress to the top spot by the blowing up machine of Audet.

Under the checkered flag waved by Christiana Pimental from Texas Roadhouse, Audets car spilled it guts all over the track not even allowing the first time winner to take a victory lap. While Texas Roadhouse Victory Lane was being setup the second and third place cars were interviewed. When the 19 car rolled into victory lane an ecstatic Audet emerged from the smoking machine. Audet thanked Texas Roadhouse and his motor builder as well as many other sponsors. All the top five cars were pulled into technical inspection area and no infractions were found certifying Audet as the first car other than a Mustang to win an NEMST event.

“It was a great turnout and excellent racing all day long by al of the teams. It was to bad to see the amount of mechanical attrition that we had but these guys will work hard and get the cars back together for Star in two weeks. Without all of the support from the greatest mini stock teams and New England and die hard NEMST crew members none of this would be possible, a huge thank you goes out to everyone.” Said NEMST Promoter Bob Guptill

The Texas Roadhouse North East Mini Stock Tour is back in action on May 14th at Star Speedway in Epping, New Hampshire. Check out for all the latest news and info.

Texas Roadhouse North East Mini Stock Tour Finishing Order

Heat 1

1. 88 Emerson Cayer

2. 19 Zach Audet

3. 69 Louis Maher

4. 43 Roger Ducharme

5. 84 Michael Viens

6. 41 Loren Smith

7. 3 Kevin Bishop

8. 31 Adam Armstrong

9. 38 Cristofer King

10. 51 Mike Mason

Heat 2

1. 14 Tim Jackson

2. 21 Chad Baxter

3. 2 Rob Greenleaf

4. 73 Adam Polvinen

5. 8 Calvin Rose

6. 09 Joe Turner

7. 5 Jeff Prindall

8. 90 Tim Boyle

9. 60 John Kelly

10. 18 Tim Collins


1. 19 (14) Zach Audet

2. 2 (13) Rob Greenleaf

3. 8 (15) Calvin Rose

4. 09(5) Joe Turner

5. 73(18) Adam Polvinen

6. 21(16) Chad Baxter

7. 90(11) Tim Boyle

8. 41 (1) Loren Smith

9. 43 (2) Roger Ducharme

10. 18 (3) Tim Collins

11. 5 (9) Jeff Prindall

12. 31 (4) Adam Armstrong

13. 14 (17) Tim Jackson

14. 84 (7) Micheal Viens

15. 38 (6) Cristofer King

16. 69 (12) Louis Maher

17. 3 (10) Kevin Bishop

18. 60 (8) John Kelly

19. 88 (19) Emerson Cayer

20. 51 (20) Mike Mason

Point Standings

As of 5/1/11

1. 19 Zach Audet (R) 95

2. 2 Rob Greenleaf (R) 89

3. 3 Calvin Rose 84

4. 09 Joe Turner 80

5. 73 Adam Polvinen 79

6. 21 Chad Baxter (R) 78

7. 90 Tim Boyle 69

8. 41 Loren Smith 68

9. 43 Roger Ducharme 67

10. 14 Tim Jackson(R) 59

11. 18 Tim Collins 58

12. 5 Jeff Prindall 58

13. 31 Adam Armstrong(R) 54

14. 84 Michael Viens(R) 51

15. 69 Louis Maher(R) 47

16. 38 Cristofer King(R) 44

17. 88 Emerson Cayer 41

18. 3 Kevin Bishop (R) 40

19. 60 John Kelly (R) 35

20. 51 Mike Mason(R) 0