Unity, Maine – Just a week past his high school graduation ceremony, third-generation racer Dylan Turner of Freedom showed the veteran racers the quick way around Unity Raceway Friday night, winning the 35-lap Late Model feature race.

The youngster took the lead from Skowhegan veteran David Folsom I, who already has been to victory lane this season, on the 12th laps and held on to the top spot for the balance of the event.

Folsom claimed runner-up honors, in front of Late Model rookie Ben Clark of Clinton. Justin Drake of Burnham was the fourth-place finisher, with the previous week’s winner, Jeff Burgess of East Madison, rounding out the top five. Burgess claimed victory in the heat race.

Lance Chapman of Clinton cruised to an easy win in the 20-lap main event for the Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro Four division, leading every lap en route to victory lane. It was Chapman’s third win this season. Sean Johnson of Stockton Springs was the best of the rest, with Fairfield’s Paul Jackson picking up the third-place trophy. The previous week’s winner, Tim Robinson of Clinton, finished in fourth position, with Benton rookie Alex Fernald rounding out the top five. Johnson won the heat race.

Maurice Young of Chelsea remained the hottest driver in the Wildcat division, winning his third straight feature event in the class. Young had to take the lead away from multi-time Wildcat division champion Carl McAlpine of Burnham, who held on to post a second-place finish. Reigning division champion Chris King of Burnham bounced back from an early crash to claim the final podium finishing position. Bill Bowley II returned to competition after a five-year hiatus and finished fourth, with the top five filled out by Skowhegan’s Kris Matchett. King won the heat race.

Zach Audet of New Sharon drove from the back of the field to victory lane in the 20-lap main event for the Monsta Mini class. Reigning Monsta Mini champ Mike Wilson of Chelsea was the runner-up, followed by Richard Jackson of Hudson, Augusta’s Greg Cummings and John Fortin of Vassalboro. Audet also won the heat race.

Brad Bosworth of Cornville drove to his first victory of the season following the 20-lap Flyin’ 4 feature race. Zach Audet, filling in for the injured Amanda Batchelder, led several laps before Bosworth got by, and finished in second position. Clinton teenager Cole Robinson was third, followed by Richmond veteran Mike Dulaney and Kyle Robinson of Clinton. Bosworth also won the heat race.

Skowhegan’s Chad Folsom remained undefeated in the new Challenger division, outrunning 65-year-old Larry Jackson to the checkered flag, wrapping up a three-trophy night for the Jackson clan. Former Enduro division champion Henry Boudreau of Bristol was the third-place finisher, in front of Norridgwock’s Mike Clemons and

Jayson Bosworth of Cornville continued to dominate the Geo & Sons Teen Thunder class, driving from the back of the pack to the front of the field in that 15-lap race. Austin Clemons of Norridgewock stayed close to Bosworth and crossed the line in second position, with Burnham’s Emily McAlpine claiming the third-place trophy. Robert Dyer of Canaan finished in fourth position, followed by reigning division champion Wes Turner of Montville. Bosworth won the heat race.

Racing continues Sunday at 1:00 p.m. with a special Father’s Day card highlighted by a 100-lap Late Model feature. Weekly racing resumes next Saturday night at 6:00 p.m. Unity Raceway is located at 300 School Street (Route 139) in Unity, Maine. For more information visit unityraceway.info or call (207) 453-2021.

Late Model (35 laps) 1. 9 Dylan Turner, Freedom; 2. 15 David Folsom I, Skowhegan; 3. 21 Ben Clark, Clinton; 4. 09 Justin Drake, Burnham; 5. X Jeff Burgess, East Madison; 6. 75 David Folsom II, Skowhegan; 7. 12 Seth Raven, Waldo; 8. 25 Will Collins, Waldoboro; 9. 34 Tyler Robbins, Montville; 10. 94 Steve Rackliff, Starks; 11. 7 Brian Gullifer, Farmington; 12. 2 Ryan Robinson, Clinton.

Uncle Henry’s Late Model Pro Four (20 laps) 1. 64 Lance Chapman, Clinton; 2. 9 Sean Johnson, Stockton Springs; 3. 56 Paul Jackson, Fairfield; 4. 38 Tim Robinson, Clinton; 5. 91 Alex Fernald, Benton; 6. 26 Norm Cummings, Jr., Augusta.

Keystone Automotive Wildcat (20 laps) 1. Maurice Young, Chelsea; 2. 18 Carl McAlpine, Burnham; 3. 29 Chris King, Burnham; 4. 5x Bill Bowley II, Canaan; 5. 17 Kris Matchett, Skowhegan; 6. 22 Ed Sleeper, Vassalboro; 7. 51 Brian Gilbert, Pittsfield; DQ 9 Wayne Ripley, Thomaston; DQ 14 Bryan Robbins, Montville.

Monsta Mini (20 laps) 1. 19 Zach Audet, New Sharon; 2. 92 Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 3. 53 Richard Jackson, Hudson; 4. 2 Greg Cummings, Augusta; 5. 46 John Fortin, Vassalboro; 6. 71 Donny Silva, Hudson.

Flyin’ 4 (20 laps) 1. 15 Brad Bosworth, Cornville; 2. 23 Zach Audet, New Sharon; 3. 61 Cole Robinson, Clinton; 4. 10 Mike Dulaney, Richmond; 5. 62 Kyle Robinson, Clinton; 6. 09 Matt Shaw, Troy; 7. 94 Mika Wilson, Chelsea; 8. 11 Bruce Nickerson, Norridgewock.

Challenger (20 laps) 1. 15 Chad Folsom, Skowhegan; 2. 54 Larry Jackson, Augusta; 3. 88 Henry Boudreau, Bristol; 4. 24 Mike Clemons, Norridgewock; 5. 86; 6. 7 Troy Resconi,

Geo & Sons Teen Thunder (15 laps) 1. 51 Jayson Bosworth, Cornville; 2. 21 Austin Clemons, Norridgewock; 3. 18 Emily McAlpine, Byrnham; 4. 70 Robert Dyer, Canaan; 5. 88 Wes Turner, Montville; 6. 20 Ricky Pease, Detroit; 7. 15 Colby Robbins, Montville; 34 Derek Pariseau; 9. 20x Kamren Knowles, Readfield; 10. 11 April McAlpine, Burnham; 11. X Kyle Jackson, Fairfield.