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Joey Polewarczyk Jr ACT Series- White Mountain Motorsports Park Race Preview

N. Woodstock, N.H.- ACT Late Model Series Driver #97 Joey Polewarczyk Jr of Hudson, N.H. will be competing at White Mountain Motorsports Park (WMMP) this Saturday, June 18, 2011in the WMMP 150-Lap event.

Polewarczyk Jr is eager to build on an outstanding fourth-place finish he came away with in the last ACT race, held at Oxford Plains Speedway (June 4) “We felt that we had a winning car at Oxford but we were happy with our finish. It was kind of as if a weight was lifted off our shoulders, after our Devils Bowl outing. We knew the Pole’s Automotive, N.H. Precision, Hedman Hedders Ford Fusion was capable but we just needed to seize the opportunity” Joey says.

Joey has many starts at WMMP in the lower divisions and in the Late Model division, and went on say: “We anticipate an exciting race at WMMP this coming weekend and hopefully we stay out of trouble and come away with a solid Top 10”

Polewarczyk Jr currently sits fifth in the ACT Championship points and looks to build on that at WMMP and then again as the Tour travels back to Oxford Plains Speedway on June 25.

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WHERE: White Mountain Motorsports Park, North Woodstock, N.H.

WHEN: Saturday, June 18, 2011

DISTANCE: 150 laps (37.50 miles)

SANCTION: American-Canadian Tour Ltd.

Driver Q n’ A

Joey, you have had many opportunities to drive at White Mountain in years past in the lower divisions and quite a few times in your Late Model, how do you use that experience in this Weekends race?

Well, having raced here in the Late Model Division; you learn what grooves work best. It is no different during an ACT event, but you still have to be respectful of the drivers around you. We think we have a great set-up at WMMP and we are thinking that once we get through a couple rounds of practice, we will be good to go.
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