News Release Speedway 95 6/11/11
By Bill DaButler

(Hermon, ME) Speedway 95 rolled out the green flag for another evening of racing sponsored by your locally owned Napa stores on Saturday, June 11th at 7pm, with the second race in the Dysart’s late model series, along with the regular card of Saturday night division.

The Dysart’s Late Models earned their first caution of the race in the first lap, when three potential race leaders ran into trouble between turns on and two, Ryan Deane of Winterport, Dean Smart of Bradley, and Austin Theriault of Fort Kent, all of whom ran strongly in the qualifying heat races spun out. When the action resumed, the next 19 laps of the 50 lap feature went caution free until Deane experienced problems forcing a second caution and a trip to his pit stall to try to tune his ride back in. Up until the 42nd lap, the battle for the second spot was the hot topic, as Shane Clark of Winterport and Josh St. Clair battled for second. While the pair battled for second, the race leader Mike Hopkins of Hermon held a substantial lead in the top spot. Clark completed the pass just as the third caution came out. At the restart, the top three spots remained unchanged to the checkers, with Hopkins taking the win. In victory lane, St. Clair acknowledged that his car was being to fade in the final laps, “He (Clark) was just faster.”

There was only a single caution in the Sportsman feature, at lap three when Doug Sinclair, Sr. of Hermon, and Jeremy Glasier of Appleton the inside and outside pole sitters and the initial green flag spun off behind the race leader, DJ. Moody of Prospect had a good chance of taking the checkers when he spun out in the final lap causing him to fall back to the fifth spot. Steve Moulton of Glenburn took the win, with Glasier recovering to take second and Mike Overlock of Franklin crossing for third.

In the Street Division, there was a near caution in the second lap when a driver spun in turn four, but he was able to recover and avoid the yellow flag. At lap 15 Roger Smith, Jr. of Clinton had to return to the pits due to a smoking car that was leaving behind a slippery trail of oil. Once the surface was cleaned, the race got back underway. Andrew McLaughlin of Harrington took the lead and Shelly Kimball of Cornville battled with Cody Brassbridge of Frankfort for the second position in the closing laps. Despite a strong attempt by Brassbridge to take the second spot, Kimball held onto it at the checkered flag, while McLaughlin took the win.

The red flag made its only appearance of the evening during the 13th lap of the Sport Four race, when Keith Ogden of Dedham flipped his car over on turn four. Uninjured from the incident, Ogden finished the night in fifth. The winner was determined in turn four of the final lap, when race leader Becky Elston went wide providing an opportunity for Bradley Norris of Ellsworth to slip under her and pass for the win. Elston finished second with Jay Robichaud of Eddington taking third.

Garrett Hayman of Milford led the field in the Bomber feature with a battle for second going on behind him. The race suffered a single caution when Mike Mathieu of Oakland spun out on turn four. The struggle for the second spot was resolved when Lewis Badger of Milo passed Ryan Modery of Hermon on inside coming into turns one and two and held his ground through the back stretch to earn the second spot. Hayman held the top spot to the checkers to earn the win.


Dysart’s Limited (Series 2 of 3)
Fin Car Driver Town
1. 15 Mike Hopkins Hermon
2. 21 Shane Clark Winterport
3. 33 Josh Sr. Clair Liberty
4. 11 Dale Swoboda Hermon
5. 57 Austin Theriault Fort Kent

Fin Car Driver Town
1. 80 Steve Moulton Holden
2. 99X Jeremy Glasier Appleton
3. 3 Michael Overlock Franklin
4. 34 DJ Moody Prospect
5. 23 Doug Sinclair, Sr. Hermon

Fin Car Driver Town
1. 26 Andrew McLaughlin Harrington
2. 08 Shelby Kimball Cornville
3. 07 Cody Brassbridge Frankfort
4. 55 Shawn Hamel, II Bangor
5. 70 Kenny Bowness Glenburn

Sport Four
Fin Car Driver Town
1. 99 Bradley Norris Ellsworth
2. 97 Becky Elston Carmel
3. 18 Jay Robichaud Eddington
4. 0 Steve Heath Brownville
5. 09 Keith Ogden Dedham

Fin Car Driver Town
1. 3 Garrett Hayman Milford
2. 00 Lewis Badger Milo
3. 11 Ryan Modery Hermon
4. 14 Kevin Seekins Frankfort
5. 01 JR. Ogden Ellsworth

Speedway 95 returns to action Wednesday June 15th at 7 for Varney Buick-GMC-Mazda Wacky Wednesday with the first race in the Ladies series, and autographs and photo’s with your favorite drivers. Then, on Saturday June 18th at 7pm with the first race in the CAM II racing fuels Sportsman series.