By Dan Walker
Beech Ridge Motor Speedway release.

Corey Bubar of Falmouth won the 35 lap NASCAR Sport Series race on Saturday night at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway. In other races Shawn Gilpatrick of Limerick won the 30 lap Wildcat race and Dave Cameron of Alfred was the winner of the 20 lap Road Runner race. With the Pro All Stars Series in town for the evening the Sport Series division took top billing for the NASCAR Whelan All American Series action.

Andy Field led the opening laps of the Sports Series main event until Brandon Ingalls took a turn at the lead position on lap5. Ingalls stayed at the front of the field until lap 16 when Field went back in front following a restart. Bobby Nadeau was next to try his hand at leading when he took over following a lap 19 caution flag. Nadeau set the pace in front as Bubar moved to second position on lap 27. Early race leader Andy Field had his night end on lap 31 when the rear end literally came out from under the car creating a caution flag. Bubar took the lead and stayed in front for the final 4 laps to take his second win of the season. Nadeau was second with Matt Dow following up last weeks win with a third place finish. Ingalls and Laura McKeage were fourth and fifth.

Shawn Gilpatrick made easy work of the 30 lap Wildcat race leading from green to checkered flag in a caution free race. Gilpatrick was never challenged for the lead but Alby Ovitt moved from the rear of the starting field to finish second. Buddy Poole was third followed by Dan Bean in fourth. Nicholas Cusack came home in the fifth position.

Dave Cameron came back from a week off from racing to win the 20 lap Road Runner feature race. Nicole Timmons led the first 6n laps until Natasha Dyer took over on the seventh lap. Cameron made his move for the lead on lap 9 and pulled away for the win. Ed Connolly also returning from a week off finished second with Ryan Phillips third. Dyer was fourth and Evan Armington fifth.