Barre, VT – Dave Pembroke of Montpelier earned his second straight feature win of the season on Times Argus Mid-Season Championship Night, Thursday, July 14 at Thunder Road. The former “King of the Road” inherited a spot in the front row during a wild final 10 laps of the 75 lap feature and cruised to the win.

Graniteville’s Chip Grenier led early from the outside pole and began lapping the tail of the field before the first caution on lap 40. Grenier again built a comfortable lead after the restart until Phil Scott cleared traffic on lap 50 and took second. Scott began to run him down and was nearly to Grenier’s rear bumper when Grenier spun trying to split two lap cars on lap 67.

Second place point man Scott inherited the lead with point leader John Donahue to his outside on the restart. Coming out of turn two just after the restart, Donahue attempted to go from the outside lane to the inside and get under Scott. There wasn’t quite enough room and Scott went around with the contact. Donahue and Scott were put to the rear, handing the lead to sophomore driver Cody Blake.

Pembroke started to Blake’s outside on the final restart and quickly took the lead. Defending champion Nick Sweet followed him by for second with Blake coming home third. Marcel Gravel and Grant Folsom completed the top five. Brett Wheeler, Scott Payea, Eric Williams (filling in for Mike Bailey), Jimmy Hebert and Reno Gervais rounded out the top ten.

Unofficially it appears Pembroke has taken over the top spot in the standings going into the second half of the season.

Barre’s Scott Coburn took the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen win after a last lap battle with second year driver Christopher Pelkey. Pelkey ran on the high side for the majority of the race as he passed Tucker Williams and Blair Bessett for the lead with Coburn following. After a late caution Pelkey and Coburn started one/two and battled down to the final lap. Coburn just beat him at the line. Mike Billado came home third followed by Joe Steffen and Bobby Therrien. Point leader Derrick O’Donnell managed to claw his way to sixth followed by Mike Martin, Shawn Fleury, John Lambert and Mike Ziter.

Jeffrey Martin, Jr. of Northfield took his second Allen Lumber Street Stock win of the season. He outran rookie Ken Christman and Bunker Hodgdon for the win. Jayme Lee and David Whitcomb both took top fives.

Waterbury’s Jason Woodard took his third win of the season followed by Kevin Wheatley and Brock Parrott.

Thunder Road will kick off the second half of the 2011 season next Thursday, July 21 with Casella Waste Management night. All four divisions will be back in action with post time at 6:30pm.

Times Argus Mid-Season Championships Unofficial Results
Thursday, July 14, 2011

Late Models
Pos. Driver (Car #) Hometown
1. Dave Pembroke (44vt) Middlesex, VT

2. Nick Sweet (88vt) Barre, VT

3. Cody Blake (99vt) Barre, VT

4. Marcel Gravel (5vt) Wolcott, VT

5. Grant Folsom (81vt) Waitsfield, VT

6. Brett Wheeler (1vt) Waterbury, VT

7. Scott Payea (89vt) Milton, VT

8. Eric Williams (00vt) Hyde Park, VT

9. #Jimmy Hebert (58vt) Williamstown, VT

10. Reno Gervais (12vt) Island Pond, VT

11. Dennis Demers (86vt) Shelburne, VT

12. Cris Michaud (6vt) E. Montpelier, VT

13. Trampas Demers (85vt) S. Burlington, VT

14. Eric Chase (40vt) Milton, VT

15. Jamie Fisher (18vt) Shelburne, VT

16. John Donahue (26vt) Graniteville, VT

17. Chip Grenier (22vt) Graniteville, VT

18. Jamie Aube (41vt) N. Ferrisburgh, VT

19. Phil Scott (14vt) Berlin, VT

20. Matt White (42vt) Northfield, VT

21. Dave Whitcomb (25vt) Essex Jct., VT

22. Brad Mattson (33vt) Graniteville, VT

23. #Jim Morris (13vt) Barre, VT

24. Joey Becker (16vt) Jeffersonville, VT

25. Ricky Roberts (3vt) Washington, VT

26. Dave Wilcox (61vt) Fairfield, VT

27. Brooks Clark (68vt) Fayston, VT

28. Derek Ming (31vt) Island Pond, VT

Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen

Pos. Driver (Car #) Hometown

1. Scott Coburn (1) S. Barre, VT

2. Christopher Pelkey (64) S. Barre, VT

3. Mike Billado (8) Essex, VT

4. Joe Steffen (00) Grand Isle, VT

5. Bobby Therrien (4) Hinesburg, VT

6. Derrick O’Donnell (68) Bradford, VT

7. Mike Martin (01) Craftsbury Common, VT

8. Shawn Fleury (31) Middlesex, VT

9. John Lambert (2) Northfield, VT

10. Mike Ziter (26) Williamstown, VT

11. Eric Badore (04) Milton, VT

12. Brendan Moodie (94) Wolcott, VT

13. #Kyle Pembroke (27) Montpelier, VT

14. Pete Ainsworth, Jr. (80) Middlesex, VT

15. Jason Corliss (61) Danville, VT

16. #Micheal MacAskill (13) Williamstown, VT

17. Richie LaFond (84) Colchester, VT

18. Jason Allen (29) Barre, VT

19. Randy Gonyaw (22) S. Barre, VT

20. George May (16) Barre, VT

21. #Dylan Payea (07) Henniker, NH

22. Blair Bessett (21) Worcester, VT

23. Tucker Williams (17) Hyde Park, VT

24. Matthew Potter (23) Marshfield, VT

25. Josh Demers (10) Middlesex, VT

26. Timothy Potter (28) Berlin, VT

Allen Lumber Street Stocks Top Ten

Pos. Driver (Car #) Hometown

1. Jeffrey Martin, Jr. (08ss) Northfield, VT

2. #Ken Christman (4ss) Cabot, VT

3. Bunker Hodgdon (83ss) Hardwick, VT

4. Jayme Lee (18ss) Berlin, VT

5. David Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT

6. Alex Whitcomb (78ss) Montpelier, VT

7. Nick Pilotte (11ss) Jefferson, NH

8. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT

9. Daniel Lathrop (6ss) Hyde Park, VT

10. Greg Adams, Jr. (38ss) Hardwick, VT

Junkyard Warriors Top Three
Pos. Driver (Car #) Hometown

1. Jason Woodard (68jyw) Waterbury, VT

2. Kevin Wheatley (31jyw) Williamstown, VT

3. Brock Parrott (23jyw) Williamstown, VT