Greg Adams and Jason Wyman Take Street Stock and Warrior/Cyclone Specials

Barre, VT – Mike Forsey of Westford, VT took the win in the 27th Annual M&M Beverage Enduro on Sunday, August 7. Forsey was the only driver to complete all 200 laps and claim the $3,000 top prize. He was two laps ahead of the remainder of the field. Sixty-six year old “Dipstick” Don Tofani of Plainfield, VT came home second with 198 laps complete while Mark Kline of Monson, MA took third also with 198 laps complete.

Second place point man Greg Adams of Hardwick earned his first Allen Lumber Street Stock win of the season during the 50 lap special. He outran point leader Nick Pilotte who rebounded from a spin early to claim second. Fifth place point man Bunker Hodgdon took third.

Riverside Speedway Cyclone driver Jason Wyman of Woodsville, NH took the win in the Junkyard Warrior and Cyclone special 25 lap event. He beat Warrior regulars Brock Parrott and Jason Woodard.

Thunder Road International Speedbowl will open its gates again this Thursday, August 11. The night will feature triple 50s for the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsmen, Allen Lumber Street Stocks/Warriors and the Airborne Speedway Renegades. Post time is 6:30pm. The Late Models have the night off as they prepare for the ACT All-Star Challenge at New Hampshire Motor Speedway on Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13.

M&M Beverage Unofficial Top Five

Pos. Car # Driver Hometown
1. 164 Mike Forsey, Westford, VT

2. 20 “Dipstick” Don Tofani, Plainfield, VT

3. 169 Mark Kline, Monson, MA

4. 136 Joel Hodgdon, Craftsbury, VT

5. 171 Taber Gagne, Swanton, VT

Allen Lumber Street Stocks Unofficial Results
Pos. Driver (Car #) Hometown
1. Greg Adams, Jr. (38ss) Hardwick, VT

2. Nick Pilotte (11ss) Jefferson, NH

3. Bunker Hodgdon (83ss) Hardwick, VT

4. Alan Maynard (10ss) Fairfax, VT

5. Tim Campbell, Sr. (34ss) W. Topsham, VT

6. Jeffrey Martin, Jr. (08ss) Northfield, VT

7. Ron Gabaree (9ss) Barre, VT

8. David Whitcomb (77ss) Elmore, VT

9. Garry Bashaw (92ss) Lincoln, VT

10. Keith Fortier (35ss) Hinesburg, VT

11. Paul Giacherio, Jr. (70ss) Washington, VT

12. #Cameron Ouellette (90ss) Barre, VT

13. Kyle Streeter (37ss) Waitsfield, VT

14. Troy Kingsbury (39ss) Waitsfield, VT

15. Michael Gay (30ss) S. Burlington, VT

16. Kevin Streeter (99ss) Waitsfield, VT

17. Gary Mullen (29ss) Tunbridge, VT

18. Amanda Habel (09ss) Roxbury, VT

19. Sid Sweet, Jr. (51ss) Williamstown, VT

20. #Danny Emerson (17ss) E. Ryegate, VT

21. Kyle Hess (23ss) Morrisville, VT

22. Scott Maynard (59ss) Burlington, VT

23. Joe Blais (14ss) Orange, VT

24. Martin Ingram (02ss) Essex Jct., VT

25. #Keith Lord (68ss) Groton, VT

26. Daniel Lathrop (6ss) Hyde Park, VT

27. Jamie Davis (43ss) Wolcott, VT

28. Marvin Johnson (24ss) Essex Jct., VT

29. #Ken Christman (4ss) Cabot, VT

30. Thomas Placey (33ss) Bradford, VT

31. Jennifer Getty (25ss) Cambridge, VT

32. Thomas Smith (22ss) Williamstown, VT

33. Joe Fecteau (75ss) Hardwick, VT

Junkyard Warriors/Cyclones/Angels Unofficial Results

Pos. Car # Driver Hometown

1. 88cyc Jason Wyman Woodsville, NH

2. 23jyw Brock Parrott Williamstown, VT

3. 68jyw Jason Woodard Waterbury, VT

4. 88jyw Tommy Elwood Morrisville, VT

5. 41cyc Jeff Ainsworth Bethelem, NH

6. 12jyw Fred Schroeder Bristol, VT

7. 18cyc William Good Newport, VT

8. 94cyc Jarred Ainsworth Bethelem, NH

9. 7cyc Cody LeBlanc Gorham, NH

10. 29ang Allison Barney Lancaster, NH

11. 30jyw Danny Brassard E. Randolph, VT

12. 8cyc Alex Rooney Wilmington, MA

13. 41ang Vanessa Brown Granby, VT

14. 50jyw Paul Grant E. Calais, VT

15. 2cyc Keith Normand North Concord, VT

16. 25cyc Ben Belanger Whitefield, NH

17. 17jyw Mathew Duplantre Hyde Park, VT

18. 28cyc Travis Moulton East Charleston, VT

19. 31jyw Kevin Wheatley Williamstown, VT

DNS 81cyc Chris Ouellette Milan, NH