PASS Racing
(Scarborough, ME) – Joey Polewarczyk of Hudson, NH has filed an entry to compete in the PASS SLM National Championship, 300-Lap Event at Beech Ridge Speedway on September 24.

Polewarczyk has made five starts on the PASS Super Late Model Touring Series in 2011 and while not in the points hunt, he is finding success with two Top-five finishes in those five starts.

“We really have some great finishes with our Late Model up at the Beech Ridge, although our Super Late Model has never been there, it’s the same chassis and we will use most of the same set-up as we do with our Late Model.“ Joey would add, “This race is a big deal in this part of the Country, I have only raced one 300-lap race in my career, so that will be good to get another one under my belt.”

One of the most important aspects to this PASS race will be the tire strategy, Joey goes on to talk about that, “The tire situation will make or break the race for a lot of teams. The race is an 8-tire race, so we are still trying to figure out what we will ultimately do but we know some teams will work it out to have 2 fresh tires with like 50 laps to go, it’s going to be interesting for sure.”

Joey adds, “We are going up to Beech Ridge to have fun, we are not in the point hunt, so the pressure is not on us. We will give it our best shot and come away with the best finish possible.”

“The #97 Poles Automotive, NH Precision Super Late Model is fast and in the Five PASS races we have raced so far, proves it loves the long runs. This 300-Lap race could see exactly that.”

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