The Benjamin Motorsports team was racing at White Mountains Motorsports Park in North Woodstock NH this weekend and after being the fastest car once again in practice the team thought they had a good peace for the 150 lap feature.

In qualifying the team would start in the 6th position and finish 4th and that meant the 17 car would start in the 7th position for the feature.

At the start of the main event Travis would move into the 5th position by lap 9 and into the top 3 by lap 20. Running in the top 3 for the first half of the race the car would start to go away a little and Travis would fall into the 5th position. On a restart near lap 120 Travis would get hit from behind and spun around and sent to the rear. After that the team could only work there way back into the 15th position. “We are so close to becoming a great team. We are really fast but are just missing it by a little, and a little luck would go a long ways”. Travis said after the feature