PASS Racing

CHARLOTTE, NC (January 3) – Officials today from the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) and Fairgrounds Speedway in Nashville, TN announced today a major addition to the 2012 racing schedule. The PASS South Super Late Models will stage a 400 lap event on Saturday, October 6th at the historic .596 mile Tennessee oval. The race will be highlighted by a return to its traditional 400 lap distance and will pay $22,000 to the winner. There will be an additional $20 per lap awarded to the race leader which could push the winner’s total to $30,000.

“We are very honored that the PASS Super Late Models will be a part of returning the All American 400 to its rightful place as the premier Super Late Model event in the country,” said PASS President Tom Mayberry. “Fans and drivers have been begging to see the All American return to a true 400 lap test between man and machine and we are glad that we can make that happen.”

“It’s hard to express my emotions on this announcement, but being a 42 year native driver of this historic Fairgrounds Speedway, I’m so honored to be the promoter again and to work with such a great promoter as Tommy Mayberry to make this one of the biggest short track races in history,” said Fairgrounds Speedway Promoter Tony Formosa. “The All American 400 has not really been a true 400 since 2000. This used to be the biggest short track event in the country and thanks to PASS and working with the city of Nashville, it will be again. We’re working on making sure of that as I speak right now.”
In its heyday, the All American 400 attracted drivers from all over North America and saw such legendary winners as Darrell Waltrip and Rusty Wallace. With PASS, that heritage will return in 2012.

“When you look at the great drivers that race in PASS North from New England and Canada like Johnny Clark, Ben Rowe, Lonnie Sommerville and others and the great PASS South drivers like Jay Fogleman, Preston Peltier, Brandon Ward, Andy Loden and those guys, this is the type of event that they want to win and be a part of,” said Mayberry. “You take those competitors, along with all the other great Super Late Model drivers from the Midwest, West Coast and the Canadian Maritimes…that’s gonna be one heck of a show come October.”

The 2012 PASS South season will kick off its 16 race schedule on Saturday, March 10th with the 7th Annual South Carolina Clash at Dillon Motor Speedway. For more information and schedules on any PASS division please visit the website at