Waterbury, VT – The American Canadian Tour (ACT) announced today that VP Racing Fuels (VP) would become the “Official Fuel” of ACT for 2012. The ambitious program will begin a major effort on the part of ACT to create both a more “green” environment, and equally important, to begin to contain fuel expenses for over 400 Late Model race teams in the ACT system, and 100 competitors at Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl in Barre, VT.

The program will address the fuel needs of the ACT US, ACT Series Castrol Quebec, and Thunder Road Int’l Speedbowl in Barre, VT.

VP’s C9, an unleaded racing fuel with no ethanol components, will be introduced immediately as a “spec fuel” option in 2012 for the ACT Castrol Series as well as for the ACT Late Models and for all weekly divisions at Thunder Road. C9 will be permitted for use immediately in the ACT Castrol Series. To allow for consumption of leftover Sunoco 110, that fuel will be allowed only until June 30th on the Castrol Series.

In addition to C9, VP110 will also become a “spec fuel” option available to U.S. Late Model teams competing in the ACT US and Thunder Road Late Models. These two ACT/VP “spec” fuels and the one remaining approved fuel will be permitted in the U.S. throughout the 2012 season.

Tom Curley, President of the American Canadian Tour said, “The timing of establishing this relationship with VP is just about perfect. The cost of fuel for everyone, not just racers, is continuing to escalate. VP has helped to design a program for our racers by introducing this spec fuel. We believe this will help address the costs to racers, and at the same time help us become more environmentally friendly. It follows closely our philosophy about cost concerns, just like twelve years ago when we introduced the crate motor,” said Curley.

Testing of the fuel has been conducted at the headquarters of the ACT crate motors, Butler & MacMaster in Hallowell, ME. “We were impressed with the comparative results. Our data showed that C9 ran very clean, and actually created a couple pounds of additional torque and horsepower from what we have been used to seeing with these motors,” said Dave MacMaster, the innovative veteran motor builder of both the GM and Ford crate motors for ACT since their beginning.

The VP program designed by Jim Kelly, Director of Racing Fuel Sales for VP, has a variety of financial and incentive programs for each of the ACT sanctioned affiliates. Beyond fuel cost savings to the racers, VP has announced a VP Hard Charger program which will issue free fuel certificates for five gallons of ACT/VP “spec” fuel at every ACT US and Castrol Series event. The team that improves their position the most in feature events, and has not won an ACT or Castrol event in 2012, will be eligible. The same VP Hard Charger program will be introduced to the Bond Auto Tiger Sportsman division at Thunder Road in 2012.

“VP Racing Fuels is very pleased to be involved with ACT and its many affiliate tracks and programs. We have watched ACT become innovative–implementing cost-saving measures for their race teams, and taking a leadership role in asphalt short track racing over the past couple of decades. We hope that we can contribute to that continual effort with our ACT VP Racing Fuel programs. We look forward to working with the race teams and ACT for many years,” said Kelly. “Our C9 ethanol-free unleaded is one of our newest products. It makes great power at a very good price, and in addition to working great in their ACT engines, racers will find that C9 will perform really well in their off-road competition snowmobiles, quads, and motocross bikes.”

All ACT and Thunder Road race teams will receive a Technical Memo outlining the new VP fuel programs and availability before the opening of the season at the Lee USA Speedway on Sunday, April 15, 2012. Over 40 Championship ACT Late Model teams are expected to compete at the New Hampshire Governor’s Cup 150.

For additional information contact the ACT office at 802.244.6963, www.acttour.com, or media@acttour.com or VP at 302.368.1500, vpracingfuels.com, or jimkelly@vpracingfuels.com