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Johnny Clark, Brian Whitney on front row for Big John Phippen Memorial Race Sunday

Chris King of Burnham won a thrilling Wildcat division main event, while Alex Fernald scored his first feature win in the Late Model Pro Four class in Saturday night competition at Unity Raceway.

Six-time Pro All Stars Series Champion Johnny Clark of Farmingdale and Brian Whitney of Burnham earned front row starting position for Sunday’s Big John Phipen Memroail Race for the Late Model division. Other main event winners were Zach Audet of Skowhegan, Cody Robbins of Robbins of Montville, Ken Lord of Waterville and Robert Dyer of Canaan.

Chris King prevailed in an ultra-competitive Wildcat division 20-lapper, swapping the lead several times with eventual third-place finisher Ryan Robinson of Clinton before turning back a stiff challenge from Montville’s Craig Robbins, who crossed the line in second position. Robinson, who led the majority of the event, ended up with a third-place finish. Point leader Brent ‘Poochie’ Chase of Burnham was the fourth-place finisher, with Mike Moore of Smithfield rounding out the top five. Chase won the heat race.

Alex Fernald of Benton celebrated his graduation from Lawrence High School in Fairfield on the previous Saturday, then led every lap of his 20-lap main event to win the Late Model Pro Four feature event in dominant fashion, outrunning multi-time division champion Steve Rackliff of Starks to the checkered flag by a huge margin to post his first career win in Maine’s fastest four-cylinder racing division. Rackliff claimed runner-up honors after a fierce, race-long battle with Clinton’s Tim Robinson. Skowhegan’s Bryan L:ancaster and Norm Cummings, Jr. of Augusta rounded out the top five.

Six-time Pro All-Stars Series Super Late Model champion Johnny Clark of Farmingdale earned the pole starting position for Sunday afternoon’s John Phippen Mmeorial race with a victory in his 20-lap qualifier for Late Models. Clark swapped the lead a couple of times with reigning track champion Jeff Burgess of Fairfield to win his 20-lapper. Burgess and Ryan St. Clair of Liberty also earned starting positions in the Father’s day special, set to go to post at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Brian Whitney of Burnham, currently tied with Burgess for the top spot in the Unity Raceway championship standings, cruised to an easy win in the second Late Model 20-lapper, earning the other front row starting position in Sunday’s Phippen Memorial Classic. Joah St. Clair of Liberty and Ajay Piacrd of Palmyra earned the other guaranteedstarting position for the Twin 59-lap main events on Sunday.

Reigning champion and current point leader Zach Audet of Skowhegan earned another victory in the 20-lap main event for Monster Mini Stock competitors, though he needed a late-race caution flag to erase a huge lead built by Burnham’s Matt Shaw to claim victory following the subsequent restart. Shaw held off Farmingdale’s Tim Collins to unner-up honors. Cornville brothers Jayson and Brad Bosworth rounded out the top five. Shaw won the heat race.

Cody Robbins of Montville led wire-to-wire, scoring his third main event triumph of the season in the 20-lapper for Flyin’ 4 division competitors. Richmond’s Nate Tribbett was the best of the rest, with the podium filled out by Ed Archer of Skowhegan. Mike Mathieu of Oakland and Mike Dulaney of Richmond rounded out the top five. Robbins also won the heat race.

Point leader Ken Lord of Waterville claimed yet another victory in the six-cylinder Challenger class, again outrunning teammate Robert MacDonald to the checkered flag. Skowhegan’s Christie Foster did an outstanding job claiming third position in a borrowed car after her regular mount was sidelined in the heat race. Mike Flag of Montville and Bob Corson of Benton rounded out the top five. Lord won the heat race.

Robert Dyer of Canaan claimed victory in the first race of the season for the Teen Thunder class. The 14-year-old racer held off challenges from Montville’s Colby Robbins to post his victory. Kyle Jackson of Fairfield finished in third position.

Racing action continues Sunday afternoon (Father’s Day) at 1:00p.m with the John Phippen Memorial Race, featuring Twin 59-lap Late Model main events plus, and double-point action for all other racing divisions. Post time is 1:00 p.m.

Saturday night competition resumes June 23 at 7:00 p.m. with the first-ever Maine appearance by theGranite State Pro Stock Series, contesting their lone appearance outside of the State of New Hampshire.

Unity Raceway is located on Route 139 in Unity, Maine. For more information call (207) 453-2021, or visit unityraceway.info

Wildcat (25 laps) 1. 29 Chris King, Burnham; 2. 34 Craig Robbins, Montville; 3. 2 Ryan Robinson, Clinton; 4. 31 Brent Chase, Burnham; 5. 15 Mike Moore, Smithfield; 6. 91 George Fernald III, Benton; 7. 53 Richard Jackson, Fairfield; 8. 88 Wes Turner, Montville; 9. 24 Ed Gilblair, Skowhegan; 10. 24jr Eddie Gilblair, Skowhegan; 11. 20 Joe Harriman, Liberty.

Late Model Pro Four (20 laps) 1. Alex Fernald, Benton; 2. 94 Steve Rackliff, Starks; 3. 38 Tim Robinson, Clinton; 4. 81 Bryan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 5. 26 Norm Cummings, Jr., Augusta; 6. 3 Scott Horne, Benton; 7. 1 Dylan Lancaster, Skowhegan; 8. 5 Bill Ellis, Parkman.

Monster Mini (20 laps) 1. 19 Zach Audet, Skowhegan; 2. 09 Matt Shaw, Burnham; 3. 18 Tim Collins, Farmingdale; 4. 51 Jayson Bosworth, Cornville; 5. 15 Brad Bosworth, Cornville; 6. 26 Brent Roy, Vassalboro; 7. 92 Mike Wilson, Chelsea; 8. 62 Kyle Robinson, Clinton; 9. 5 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 10. 61 Cole Robinson, Clinton; 11. 84 Michael Bolduc, Windsor; 12. 88 Wes Turner, Montville.

Flyin’ 4 (20 laps) 1. 15 Cody Robbins, Montville; 2. 04 Nate Tribbett, Richmond; 3. 81 Ed Archer, Skowhegan; 4. 8 Mike Mathieu, Oakland; 5. 10 Mike Dulaney, Richmond; 6. 11 Bruce Nickerson, Skowhegan; 7. 00 Alica Goodwin, Clinton; 8. 70 Kayla Allen, Bucksport; 9. 96 Samantha Farnham, Benton; 10. 16 Daymon Dodge, Troy; 11. 88 Henry Boudreau, Benton.

Challenger (15 laps) 1. 28 Ken Lord, Waterville; 2. 84 Robert MacDonald, Oakland; 3. 81 Christie Foster, Skowhegan; 4. 5 Mike Flagg, Montville; 5. 88 Bob Corson, Benton; 6. 7 Troy Rusconi, Clinton.

Teen Thunder (15 laps) 1. 70 Robert Dyer, Canaan; 2. 15 Colby Robbins, Montville; 3. 01 Kyle Jackson, Fairfield; 4. 88 WWWWW, Augusta; 5. 11 Danielle McAlpine, Burnham.

Late Model Heat 1 (20 laps) 1. 1. 39 Johnny Clark, Farmingdale; 2. X Jeff Burgess, Fairfield; 3. 11 Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 4. 3 Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 4. 25 Will Collins, Waldoboro; 5. 51 Bryan Robbins, Montville; 6. 21 Nick Huff, Hampden; 7. 21 John Clark, Farmingdale.

Late Model Heat 2 (20 laps) 1. 18 Brian Whitney, Burnham; 2. 33 Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 3. 99 Ajay Picard, Palmyra; 4. 75 David ‘Deuce’ Folsom, Skowhegan; 5. 15 Frank Moulton, Burnham; 6. 15 David Folsom I, Skowhegan; 7. 1 M.J. Silva, Fairfield.

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