BY: Lisa Maguire

Another breezy, cool day did not stop racers and fans alike from heading to the Wiscasset Speedway this past Saturday.  This was “Group Two” division racing and included: Strictly Streets, Mini Trucks, Outlaw Mini’s, Late Model Sportsman, and the flex race of the week was a ten lap backwards race.

Starting the action was the Strictly Streets feature.  Brian Robbins of Montville, Maine lined up at the pole position for the 20 lap race. Robbins took the early lead in the event and maintained a solid advantage, but faltered during the last two laps.  This allowed Guy Childs Sr. of Turner an opportunity to sweep away with the lead and take it to victory lane for the win.  Corey Morgan of Lewiston and Tasha Dyer of Arrowsic, battled it out for second and third, respectively.

Chad Binette of Arundel had the first place starting position in the Mini Trucks feature after winning the heat.  He had an early lead, but Kristopher Knox of Sanford, was hot on his heels, racing for first.  With two laps remaining, Knox snuck inside and passed Binette coming out of turn 4, snatching the lead.  After an unsuccessful attempt to recapture the lead, Binette placed second with Knox taking the win in this fifteen lap race.  Rounding out the top three was Opie Allard of Harpswell.

The flex race of the week was a ten lap backwards race.  Wiscasset’s Kevin Sherman and Brian Chadwick, fought for the win the entire race.  Sherman zipped about the track, wove through lap traffic, and even bumped Chadwick out of the way to put him a lap down! Sherman took first, and Chadwick second, coming in third was Randy Henderson.

Next on the roster was a twenty lap Outlaw Mini’s feature.  George Fortin of Greene won the heat race, putting him in the pole position.  He was formerly Rookie of the Year at Oxford Plains Speedway.  Fortin and Matt Moore of Mechanic Falls fought for first, but Fortin held on to the point.  A caution at lap seven after spin-outs on the track by brothers Greg Cummings of Augusta and Ozzie Cummings of Vassalboro, caused the only race restart.  With the race back underway, Moore made an attempt to pass Fortin, but was hung out to dry.  Jimmy Childs of Leeds saw a chance, and slid into second.  Fortin held the lead the rest of the way, placing first. Second went to Childs, with third going to Moore.

T J Watson of Cundy’s Harbor, Maine led the action onto the track for the forty-five lap Late Model Sportsman class main event. Watson led the race for the first ten laps, closely tailed by Doug Coombs, Livermore, Maine and Mike Orr of Wiscasset.

In lap ten Watson and Coombs bump together on the backstretch, sending Coombs spinning to the top of the banking into turn three. This would bring up the first caution of the race.  After Watson dropped back in the field following the restart, Orr took the lead, with Tyler Robbins of Montville close behind.  They were chased by Shane Lane of Kingfield.

Coombs, having dropped to the back of the pack for the restart, wove through traffic, passed Lane, and took third.  Then, in a tight race for second, Coombs overtakes Robbins, and secured the spot.  Robbins experienced exhaust issues forcing the second caution, bringing him to the back of the pack after a pit stop.

Coombs took the lead with seven laps to go followed by Orr, Lane, and Watson.  The four hugged together, and in a close race, they sped to the finish.  Zipping down the track, Watson came from fourth to second in the last two laps.  The winner at the end was Coombs, with Watson in second, Orr in third, and Lane in fourth.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action, April 20, 2013 with its “Group 1” lineup of divisions: Prostock, Superstock, New England 4-cylinder Prostocks, Thunder 4’s, and the flex race of the week will be Wicked Good Vintage Racer’s. Pit gates open at 8:00 AM. Grandstand gates open at 11:00 AM.  Racing begins at 1:00 PM.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older.  Kids six and under are free.  For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at www.wiscassetspeedway.com.

Official Finish
Wiscasset Speedway April 13, 2013
Strictly Street (20 laps)
1.       #5 Guy Childs Sr. – Turner, Maine
2.       #78 Corey Morgan- Lewiston, Maine
3.       #32 Tasha Dyer-Arrowsic, Maine
4.       #51 Bryan Robbins- Montville, Maine
5.       #17 Mike Bradstreet- Bowdoin, Maine
6.       #39 Jerry Freve-Buckfield, Maine
7.       #13 Chuck Gray-Wiscasset, Maine
8.       #06 Zac Poland-Woolwich, Maine
9.       #1 Josh Toothaker-Greene, Maine
10.   #56 Thomas Smith-Boothbay, Maine
Mini Trucks (15 laps)
1.       #88 Kristopher Knox- Sanford, Maine
2.       #96 Chad Binette-Arundel, Maine
3.       #68 Opie Allard-Harpswell, Maine
4.       #28 Kevin Oliver-na
5.       #17 Ryan Hayes-Jefferson, Maine
Backwards Race Flex Race Feature (10 laps)
1.       #99 Kevin Sherman-Wiscasset, Maine
2.       #5x Ryan Chadwick-Wiscasset, Maine
3.       #3 Randy Henderson-West Paris, Maine
4.       #1 Adam Chadbourn-Woolwich, Maine
5.       #36 Brent Freve-Lewiston, Maine
Outlaw Mini (20 laps)
1.       #9 George Fortin-Greene, Maine
2.       #10 Jimmy Childs-Leeds, Maine
3.       #14 Matt Moore-Mechanic Falls, Maine
4.       #8 Calvin Rose-Turner, Maine
5.       #12 Darrell Moore-Oxford, Maine
6.       #2 Greg Cummings-Augusta, Maine
7.       #44 Ozzie Cummings-Vassalboro, Maine
Late Model Sportsman (45 laps)
1.       #27 Doug Coombs-Livermore, Maine
2.       #04 TJ Watson-Cundy’s Harbor, Maine
3.       #03 Mike Orr-Wiscasset, Maine
4.       #3 Shane Lane-Kingfield, Maine
5.       #34 Tyler Robbins-Montville, Maine
6.       #28 Steve Minott- Windham, Maine
7.       #00 Alex Waltz-Walpole, Maine