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Cassius Clark has won today’s 150-lap event at Oxford. 2nd Doiron, 3rd Benjamin, 4th Rowe, 5th Timmons

Track position bites him at end. After strong day from the pole, Brad Babb finishes 14th in PASS 150 at Oxford.

Brad Babb is 8th with 8 to go at Oxford. “I’m happy with where we’re at for this place.”

Lap 140: caution out for Scott Mulkern! 10 laps to go … This is about to get real interesting …! Doiron, C.Clark, Benjamin, Timmons, and Rowe will settle it for the win.

Lap 125: Cassius and Doiron battle side by side for first followed by Travis Benjamin in third.

Lap 113: Cassius Clark takes lead from Doiron on the outside

lap 112 – Cassius Clark around Joey Doiron for the lead

Lap 100: Ben Rowe looks to the outside of Doiron followed by C Clark, Ricker and Timmons.

Lap 97: Ben Rowe gets into Brian K in turn 1/2 bringing out the caution.

Lap 86- first caution of the event for Corey Bubar

Joey Doiron is setting a blistering pace. Kruczek, C.Clark 2nd and 3rd.

Lap 75- Doiron still holds the reins over Brian K, Cassius Clark, Martin L and Bobby Timmons.

Halfway home in PASS 150. bobby timmons 48 running inside the Top-5. Scott Mulkern 14th.

It has been green flag from the start as the leaders were quickly in lapped traffic and continue to battle!

Lap 25- Doiron leads Brian K, Cassius Clark, Kelly Moore and Brad Babb.

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