Story by Chris Roy

Fifteen year-old Jordan Lamothe of Woodstock, CT is becoming the Iron Man of Legend and Bandalero racing, at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). Jordan’s last race weekend at NHMS he competed in two of the Moat Mountain Legends Road Course races, a Granite State Legends oval race, and got the win in the first-ever Gifford’s Ice Cream Bandolero race. “Yes, it was a long weekend but an awesome weekend for my first races on the oval.” With 16 road course legend races, 12 oval legend races, and 12 Bandolero races, plus heat races and practice Jordan will have over a thousand laps at NHMS, this season.

This upcoming weekend, the Legends and Bandoleros return to NHMS to race on the mini Magic Mile. Jordan adds, “Yes, I will be racing both Legends and Bandoleros this weekend!”

Jordan started racing at an early age in Quarter Midgets. “Well, my Dad used to own a Late Model and then when I turned five he sold that and bought me my first racecar which was a Quarter Midget and then progressed into those and won many races and even a National race.”

Racing in the #3 Bandolero at NHMS, Jordan took the checkered flag in the exciting race explaining, “Well, the yellow didn’t help us at all the car was better on the long run so I didn’t need it and I just wanted to win so I held my line and I was really glad he (Eddie Fatscher #51) was ok after hitting the wall and I was happy I could take home the victory.”

With a win to start off the 12-race Gifford’s Ice Cream Bandolero Series, Jordan is looking for a repeat this upcoming weekend. “Yes, it would be great to get the championship in the Bandolero and get another champion for TS Motorsports in the Bandolero series and I will be helping my teammate Parker as this year goes on as it is his first time ever racing.”
The two Legends tracks at NHMS are completely different, and the race teams have their work cut out for them when it comes to setup. The road course consists primarily of left and right turns, long straightaways, and sloping hills; in comparison to the short track oval which is tight side-by-side racing. Jordan explains: “They are both two difficult tracks the oval is a tight track but I think the road course is what makes you better. It is a lot of shifting and turning it makes your really concentrate so the road course is my favorite over all.”

The last time Jordan was at the track, he got some help from two drivers who really know how to get it done at NHMS, Tom Gray and Shaun Buffington. “It’s a great experience, they know a lot about the road course and they have a lot of success on it and they are awesome people to hang out with and they are helping me be a better driver and person.”

Jordan would like to thank his sponsors, “Chasers Bar and Grill, Thomas Buffington Associates, and a Special thanks to Mr. Buffington for letting me run the car this season.”