A seen over the week of May 10, 2013 on WAGM TV in a five part series, Rene Cloukey goes behind the scenes with Austin Theriault.

Part 1 – Austin Theriault is just 19 years old, but he has already had success on several stock car racing series. The Fort Kent native has moved to North Carolina to pursue his dream of racing at the highest level.

Part 2 – 19 year old Austin Theriault of Fort Kent has a goal of continuing to move up the ranks in stock car racing. In the second part of the series Chasing A Dream, Rene Cloukey takes a look at Theriault’s New England success and what others are saying about the teenager.

Part 3 – Stock car racing is a very expensive sport. Sponsorship is very important to offset some of the cost involved with racing. Tonight Rene takes a look at the local support Austin has received on the New England circuit.

Part 4 – The 19 year old has moved to the hotbed of racing, North Carolina, to continue his quest.

Part 5 – Austin Theriault of Fort Kent is reaching for the stars. His goal is to compete at NASCAR’s Highest Level. Rene Cloukey has been profiling Theriaults journey all this week on Chasing a Dream. Tonight Cloukey says it takes more than money to succeed and move up the ladder.