June 6, 2013 – CFS is pleased to announce improved access for fans of all ages via its new “Drive-In” zone for Fans. This area is designed for elderly and physically challenged fans who otherwise would have difficulty in attending the races. In the Drive-In Zone fans with disabilities and those over 65 can drive their car, half ton, or van up to the fencing and, without having to leave the comfort of their own vehicle, watch the races. In addition, fans can tune into the CENTREs announcers on their own FM radio via the speedways new FM Radio Station Transmitter so no matter how loud the motor sport, the fans can hear the announcers commentary! To access the Drive-In Zone, fans must enter thru the Pit Pass entrance. A pit pass and proof of age or physical ailment is required. A season pass for the Drive-In Zone is available, at a reduced cost, for those who are eligible. Spaces are limited and on a first come basis. Please spread the word to those you think may benefit and “We’ll see you at the CENTRE.”