DSC_1518story by Chris Roy

Parker Brassard of Plainfield, CT., is the newest member of TS Motorsports race team. Parker is racing the #23 in the Gifford’s Ice Cream Bandolero Series at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). A rookie, Parker is learning a lot about the ins and outs of racing. “This is my first year racing anything. I haven’t even practiced with the bando on my own; I have done everything at NHMS.”

This is Parker’s first season racing. There is a big learning curve, but he has some good teammates such as Jordan “Iron Man” Lamothe, Shaun Buffington, and Tom Gray. “Jordan has helped me so much, whether he’s showing me the line or showing me where to brake. Shaun and Tom also give me great advice and help push my nerves aside and concentrate on the big picture.”

Parker has started off the race season with two top three finishes in three races. “It’s been great! To be honest, I didn’t even think I could get into the top three that fast. But I have had a lot of great help and hope to continue getting top 3 finishes.”

On the oval track at NHMS, the Bandoleros have such a low wheel base that on the transition from the banking to the flat coming out of turn four and then going from the flat track back into banking in turn one seems to upset the cars. “Yeah, the cars seem to bounce like crazy if you don’t stay close to the kiss barriers in turn one, is one of my biggest problems right now and for a lot of others in the bandos.”

Along with learning how to race the Bandoleros, Parker is learning how to work on the race car, as well. “I contribute to the race car as much as I can and do what I am told from Tom, Shaun, and especially Mr. Lamothe. Although I try to help with everything there is only something that I can do and I need to learn them as best as I can so I can try and do it later in the year.”

This is the first season of racing in Bandoleros at NHMS, so there is a big learning curve for all the drivers and pit crews. “Yes I think everyone, especially me, needs learn the track more and use Jordan as a guinea pig and learn a lot from him and maybe we all can handle our cars better.”

The Bandoleros, along with Legends, return to NHMS this weekend to take part in the Loudon Classic. “We need to make a few adjustments because my car was a little loose and then Jordan, Shaun, Tom, and I will be back for the races next week.”