Wiscasset2013logoPenfold Captures First Wiscasset Speedway Win of the Season

By Lisa Maguire

Last Saturday was bright and sunny as the racecars hit the track for five exciting feature races that included Super Stock, New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock, Pro Stock, Thunder 4’s, and the flex race of the week, Outlaw Mini’s. It was Bath Iron Works Day, and employees of BIW received discounted admission prices.

First on the track was the Super Stock class. It was a quick, straightforward twenty-five lap race. The No. 1 driven by Adam Chadbourne, took the pole position. He was followed by the No. 05 driven by James Osmond, and Josh Bailey in the No. 2. Chadbourne surged off the finish line, but Osmond was behind him, dogging his heels. The No. 3 driven by Bobby Mesimer came up from the back of the pack to take third and challenged Osmond for position. The three raced in well- matched cars, but Chadbourne kept his lead through the remainder of the race. Chadbourne raced across the finish line with Osmond only a second behind. However, Chadbourne did not pass post-race inspection. Osmond took the win, making this his second win at Wiscasset this season. Mesimer, who ran the fastest lap in the race, placed second. Dan Nessmith driving the No. 48 finished third.

Several racecars spun on the track during the opening lap of the New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock feature. When the dust settled, the No. 12 driven by Dave Patten had taken first place from heat winner Scott Collins in the No. 26. Collins was driving in second, and behind him was the No. 38 driven by Tim Jeski. During lap four, Jeski edged by Collins for second place. The three top racers then raced in a pack during this twenty-five lap feature. This fulfilled Jeski’s earlier wish, when he said prior to race time that, “This should be a lot of fun. Hopefully it will be a race up front and I am looking forward to it.”

On lap eighteen, Jeski made a bid for first on the outside of the backstretch. Dave Patten and Jeski went neck to neck for a full lap, then Jeski pulled ahead and cemented his lead to take first. Jeski tore across the finish line, making this his second win at Wiscasset this season. Dave Patten took second. Rounding out the top three was Collins in third.

Outlaw Mini’s were the flex race of the week. They took to the track for a twenty-five lap race. In the pole position was Nate Tribbett in the No. 13. Jimmy Childs was behind him in second driving the No. 10. Jeff Prindall in the No. 5 started in third. Right off the start Childs passed by Tribbett on the outside of the front stretch. Coming up quickly from the back of the field was the No. 51 driven by Mike Mason. Mason was able to snatch third place from Prindall by lap two. Then, on the outside of turn four, Mason passed Tribbett to take second during the same lap.

Lap three saw the No. 9 driven by George Fortin pass by Tribbett to take third. Mason, in second, tailed Childs looking for an opportunity to pass. His chance came in lap five when he was able to pass Childs on the outside of turn four for the lead.

Lap six saw a caution and position changes when Childs and Fortin scraped together on turn one. Fortin went off the track, and Childs spun to a standstill. Neither were able to return to the race. When racing action resumed, Mason was still in the lead. Behind him were Tribbett and Tim Collins driving the No. 18. Tribbett and Collins raced furiously for position. Then, in lap nineteen, a caution was thrown. On the restart Tribbett lost speed and dropped back. Collins quickly snatched third. Coming up from behind, driving the No. 61 was Chris Morris. Morris also was able to pass Tribbett and took third place. Tribbett regained his momentum, and in lap twenty-two, passed Morris on the inside of turn three to regain third position.

Mason took first place, saying, “Thank you Wiscasset most of all. You guys are doing a great job! Thanks for having us!”

Collins placed second. Tribbett took third place.

The thirty lap Pro Stock race was next on the agenda. In the pole position was Bill Penfold in the No. 0. Behind him were Jeff Burgess in the No. 1 and the No. 3 driven by Mike Orr. During the first lap, Penfold pulled away, leaving Burgess and Orr to battle for second place. In lap two, Burgess pulled ahead of Orr on the outside of turn two. Orr dropped back, and the No. 13 driven by Casey Nash sped by Orr to take third.

Nash raced up the track, looking for second. Then, on the inside of turn one, Nash passed Burgess for the position. Race leaders remained the same throughout the remainder of the race. Penfold had his first win of the season at Wiscasset. Penfold said in Victory Lane, “We’ve been having trouble with the car this season. But, we had it all hooked up tonight. I’d like to thank VIP Charter.”

Nash placed second. Burgess placed third.

The bright lights came on at Wiscasset for the high-lighted race of the evening, a twenty five lap Thunder 4 feature. Leandra Martin in the No. 31 had the pole position. Behind her were Kevin Sherman driving the No. 11 and Kalib Bernatchez in the No. 21K. Sherman passed Martin coming off the start on the outside of the front stretch.

In lap three Martin spun off the track coming into turn four. A caution was thrown. Martin went to the back of the pack. Sherman was in first, Bernatchez in second, and moving to third was the No. 18 driven by Dustin Salley.

Lap four was a scuffle. There were three cautions in lap four. When the dust cleared, Salley was out of the race after crashing into the wall on the front stretch. The No. 86 driven by Jeff Herbert moved to third. Bernatchez had taken the lead, and Sherman was in second.

When racing action resumed, Sherman passed Bernatchez on the outside of the front stretch. Herbert and Bernatchez raced neck and neck, just behind Sherman. The three top contenders were racing in a tight knit group. Then, in lap nine, Herbert passed Bernatchez on the inside of turn three. The two continued to race for position. Then in lap eleven, Bernatchez and Herbert clip together. The resulting damage sent Bernatchez to the pits. Car No. 51 driven by Kyle Hewins moved to third.

Lap twenty saw Cody Tribbett in the No. 13 challenge Hewins for third. Then, on the outside of the front stretch, Tribbett passed Hewins. The two raced neck and neck, and by lap fifteen Hewins was able to retake third.

Sherman, who said prior to race time that he was, “Looking for a win, “raced his Chevy past the checkered for first.

Herbert placed second, and in third was Hewins.

Next week Wiscasset Speedway is taking its midseason break. Racing action resumes on July 27, 2013. There will be a birthday atmosphere, as the track celebrates its forty-fourth year. A special tribute will be made to track founder, Wilford Cronk. Cronk built the track during the mid-sixties, and the track opened for business in July of 1969. There will also be a driver recognition ceremony for past drivers and other drivers who have contributed to the history of the track. All seven divisions will race: New England 4- Cylinder Pro Stock, Thunder 4’s, Super Stock, Pro Stock, Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Street, and Outlaw Mini’s. The end of the evening will feature a display of fireworks. Come and join the fun! Pit gates open at 2:00 PM. Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM. Racing begins at 6:00 PM. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset. For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at: http:www.wiscassetspeedway.com.



1. #05 James Osmond, Wiscasset

2. #3 Bobby Mesimer, Woolwich

3. #48 Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset

4. #27 Joe Creamer, Woolwich

5. #2 Josh Bailey, Wiscasset

6. #1 Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich (DQ)


1. #51 Mike Mason, Skowhegan

2. #18 Tim Collins, Farmingdale

3. #13 Nate Tribbet, Richmond

4. #61 Chris Morris, Poland

5. #5 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls

6. #84 Michael Bolduc, Windsor

7. #9 George Fortin, Greene

8. #10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds


1. #38 Tim Jeski, Drakut, MA

2. #12 Dave Patten, Windham

3. #26 Scott Collins, NA

4. #11 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

5. #14 Bob Patten, Windham

6. #8 Craig Dunn, Strong

7. #6 Travis Dunbar, Lisbon

8. #35 Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston

9. #17 Jim Weymouth, NA

10. #54 Kamren Knowles, Farmingdale

11. #11 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls


1. #0 Bill Penfold, Oxford

2. #13 Casey Nash, Richmond

3. #1 Jeff Burgess, East Madison

4. #3 Mike Orr, Wiscasset

5. #02 Shane Lane, Kingfield


1. #11 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

2. #86 Jeff Herbert, NA

3. #51 Kyle Hewins, Leeds

4. #13 Cody Tribbett, Richmond

5. #1 Jeff Davis, Woolwich

6. #55 Matt Myshral, Pittston

7. #21K Kalib Bernatchez, Vassalboro

8. #09X Ryan Ripley, Waldoboro

9. #31 Leandra Martin, Richmond

10. #18 Dustin Salley, NA

11. #04 Curtis Anderson, Richmond