At 7PM on Saturday night, Speedway 660 presents the second ENDURO 200 of the 2013 racing season. It’s the only ENDURO of the season to run on a Saturday night.

“ENDURO drivers look forward to putting on a great show for our fans every time they roll out on the track, but the action will really get wild when they race under the lights this Saturday night” said Speedway 660’s Michelle Roy. “This is the one night of the racing season that we turn Speedway 660 over to the ENDURO drivers and they really look forward to thrilling our fans with their exciting brand of racing.”

Round one of this season’s ENDURO series went to the Mercer boys, who are the defending point champions. Cousins Chuck and Clifford Mercer, from Norton, split the driving duties of the number two Enduro car. Brody Seveck, from Temperance Vale had a strong run to finish second and rookie Nathan Madore brought his machine home third in the June 30th ENDURO.

“I had a blast in my first ENDURO 200, I’ve watched these guys before but I’ll tell you it’s a lot harder to drive and survive in one of these races than what it looks like from the grand stands” said Madore. “I can’t wait for Saturday night when I get to go back out onto Speedway 660 for round two of the ENDURO series.”

Adult ticket prices for this weekend’s ENDURO are $10 – Youth tickets, for kids between 8 and 15 years of age are $7 dollars and admission is absolutely free for race fans – seven and under. Family passes are not available for ENDURO events.

There is no rain date for Saturday’s ENDURO.

Remember, this is the only ENDURO of the year that runs under the lights. Speedway 660’s wildest and craziest night of the season goes this Saturday night at 7PM.