By Lisa Maguire

It was an action packed evening under the bright lights at Wiscasset Speedway last Saturday. Fans filled the bleachers to cheer on their favorite drivers. In addition to its regular lineup of Thunder 4’s, Prostock, Super Stock, and New England 4 Cylinder Prostock, there was also a conclusion to last weeks Late Model Sportsman 45 Lap feature, which had been rained out. There was also a bonus Late Model race on the roster, as well as a flagpole race.

First up was the Late Model Sportsman forty-five lap feature continued from last week. Last week saw several cautions to start the race before being rained out at lap six. When racing action resumed, Nick Hinkley driving the No. 15 was race leader. Behind him was the No. 5 driven by Bill Pinkham and the No. 34 driven by Tyler Robbins. Before lap six was completed, Robbins dropped back and the No. 4 driven by Allan Moellar Sr slid up in position.

There were two cautions on lap nine. The restart saw car No. 09 driven by Darrin Ripley move from a last place starting position to fourth. Lap seventeen saw Ripley pass Pinkham on the inside of turn four for third.

A jumble on the track during lap eighteen caused another caution, and on the restart Ripley passed Moeller for second place on the inside of the backstretch. Lap 29 saw the No. 33 driven by Josh St Clair pass Moeller for third. A caution was thrown in lap thirty, and the restart saw Josh St Clair move into second place when he passed Ripley for second.

Hinkley’s car seemed to like the fresh air, and he had gained a comfortable lead over his competitors, maintaining first place. There was some heavy racing for position, then in lap forty, Moellar and Ripley scraped on the track out of turn three, and both slid off the track. When racing resumed, Josh St Clair maintained second behind Hinkley, and the No. 25 driven by Will Collins moved to third. Race leaders remained the same until the conclusion of the race.

Hinkley took home his first Late Model win. Josh St Clair took second with his first top three finish at Wiscasset this season. Rounding out the top three was Collins, also taking home his first top three finish this racing season.
The Thunder-4’s hit the track for a fifteen lap feature. In the pole position was the No. 11 driven by Kevin Sherman. Behind him were Pete McCollet in the No. 28 and Adam Armstrong in the No. 31X. Right off the start, Armstrong passed McCollet on the inside of turn two for second.

By lap two, Ryan Ripley in the No. 09X had worked his way up from his last place starting position, and passed by both McCollet and Armstrong. He took second place rounding turn three. A determined Ripley then overtook Sherman on lap nine on the inside of turn two for the lead.

Behind Ripley and Sherman, Armstrong maintained third, and the No. 13W driven by Cody Tribett was in fourth. Race leaders remained the same until the finish. Ripley did not pass post-race inspection however. Sherman took home the win. Armstrong took second, and Tribett took third.

A twenty-five lap New England 4 Cylinder Prostock was next on the agenda. The No. 24 driven by Jeff Prindall started at the pole. Behind him were Kevin Sherman in the No. 11 and Scott Dorr in the No. 14. The trio battled for position. During lap three, Prindall lost momentum, and both Sherman and Dorr passed, dropping Prindall to third.
During lap eighteen, Dorr spun alone on the track, losing position to the No. 17 driven by Mark Turner. Race leaders remained constant until the end of the race.

Sherman took home his fourth first place NE 4 Cylinder Prostock win this season. After race time, Sherman said, “I would like to thank my father-he’s my biggest fan and biggest help. I really like this class, it’s very competitive and good clean fun!”

Prindall took second place. Turner took third place.

The thirty lap Pro Stock race was quick and straightforward. Starting in the pole was the No. 0 driven by Bill Penfold. Behind him were the No. 1 driven by Jeff Burgess and Scott Chubbuck in the No. 15. Before the first lap was even completed, Chubbuck passed Burgess on the inside of turn two. Lap two saw Penfold turn round on the track and lose position. Chubbuck moved to first, Burgess to second, and the No. 17 driven by Chris Thorne moved to third. By lap ten, Chubbuck had gained a commanding lead. Burgess and Thorne battle for second and third.

Ultimately, Chubbuck took first place, making this his second Pro Stock win this season. Post-race time, Chubbuck commented, “I would like to thank Bob’s Auto and Bartlett’s Auto Sales. It was a good, clean race. I do hope to see more cars next time.”

Burgess placed second, and rounding out the top three was Thorne.

The spot-lighted feature of the week was the twenty-five lap Super Stock event. Starting in the pole position was the No. 05 driven by James Osmond. Behind him were the No. 2 driven by Josh Bailey and the No. 3 driven by Bobby Mesimer. The beginning laps saw numerous position changes. By lap three Osmond was still in the lead, but the No. 1 driven by Adam Chadbourne had woven his way up from the last starting position to take second place. Bailey had dropped to third, and had Mesimer nipping at his heels.

A battle for first began to wage between Osmond and Chadbourne. Lap twelve saw Chadbourne pull ahead of Osmond, they raced neck and neck, each pulling ahead of the other for moments. Osmond retook the lead. The two swap leads, Chadbourne tried the inside to pass, it was unsuccessful. Chadbourne watched for his opportunity to pass, and it came in lap twenty on the backstretch. Chadbourne riding high on the outside pulled ahead, and with a surge of speed, took the lead away for the final time.

Lap twenty-two saw a caution thrown. Upon the restart, Bailey was able to pull ahead of Osmond on turn one for second place. Chadbourne took his sixth top three finish at Wiscasset this season with the win. Bailey took second place, and rounding out the top three was Osmond.

Fans had been eagerly waiting the special feature thirty-five lap Late Model Sportsman race. This was the second race of the Sportsman class of the night, and it proved to be exciting and action packed. Heading the pack was car No. 8 driven by Steve Reno. Behind were the No. 51 driven by Puncin St Clair and Darren Ripley in the No. 09.

Off the start, before lap one was even completed, Ripley passed St Clair for second on the inside of turn two. Ripley was focused on getting the lead. His chance to claim the lead came quick, in lap two, when he passed Reno on the inside of turn one. Reno was hot on Ripley’s heels, and looking for an opportunity to retake the lead. Ripley is able to hold of Reno.

Lap fifteen saw Reno falter and he allowed Puncin St Clair to take second. Ripley, Puncin St Clair, and Reno raced in a pack, each wanting the number one spot. Lap eighteen saw a caution, and on the restart, Puncin St Clair and Reno raced neck and neck for second. Lap nineteen saw Reno head to the bottom of turn three, and he took second position.
Lap thirty-four saw Puncin St Clair drop back, allowing the No. 30 driven by Ryan St Clair to take third. Reno, still in second, tried to take first away from Ripley. Ripley was still able to hold him off. The two race together to the finish in a hotly contested battle for position.

Ripley took first, making this his third top place finish this year at Wiscasset. Reno placed second. Ryan St Clair took third.

The flex race of the week was a ten lap flagpole race. In a quick feature, three cars raced for the win. Leading the action was the No. 3 driven by randy Henderson. Behind him were the No. 25 driven by Pat Hinkley, and the No. 8 driven by Roy Glidden. The race leaders remained in running order until lap 8, when Glidden briefly took second. He promptly lost the position back, and the three ended the race with Henderson taking first, Hinkley taking second, and Glidden taking third.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action, July 6, 2013. On the schedule at the Speedway, with its group two lineup of divisions are: Strictly Street, Mini Trucks, Outlaw Mini, Late Model Sportsman, and the flex race of the week will be a 25 lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends feature. This is the third appearance of four scheduled this year of the Amsoil Nelcar Legends. Pit gates open at 2:00 PM. Grandstand gates open at 4:00 PM. Racing begins at 6:00 PM. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.


1. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset

2. #33 Josh St. Clair, Liberty

3. #25 Will Collins, Waldoboro

4. #00 Alex Waltz, Waldoboro

5. #09 Daren Ripley, Thomaston

6. #5 Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset

7. #30 Ryan St Clair, Liberty

8. #3 Shane Lane, Kingfield

9. #1 Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin

10. #4 Allan Moellar Sr, Wiscasset

11. #7 Nick Reno, West Bath

12. #34 Tyler Robbins, Montville

13. #51 Puncin St Clair, Liberty

14. #03 Mike Orr, Wiscasset

15. #27 Doug Coombs, Livermore

16. #33X Ed Tyler, Farmington

17. #61 Brian Wiles, Brownville

18. #04 TJ Watson, Cundy’s Harbor

19. #20 Corey Walker, New Vineyard

20. #28 Steve Minott, Windham

1. #11 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

2. #31X Adam Armstrong, Bath

3. #13W Cody Tribett, Richmond

4. #31 Leandra Martin, Richmond

5. #28 Pete McCollet, Randolph

6. #1 Jeff Davis, Augusta

7. #00 Marcus Dunn, Newburgh

1. #11 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

2. #24 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls

3. #17 Mark Turner, Norway

4. #14 Scott Dorr, NA

5. #6 Travis Dunbar, Lisbon

6. #12 Rich Thibault, NA

7. #35 Nathan McWilliams, Lewiston

8. #54 Kamren Knowles, Farmingdale

1. #15 Scott Chubbuck, Bowdoin

2. #1 Jeff Burgess, Fairfield

3. #17 Chris Thorne, Sidney

4. #72 Charlie Colby, Newcastle

5. #8 Steve Reno, West Bath

6. #0 Bill Penfold, Oxford

7. #09 Joe Turner, Norway

8. #28 Ken Beasley, Richmond

1. #1 Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich

2. #2 Josh Bailey, Wiscasset

3. #05 James Osmond, Wiscasset

4. #3 Bobby Mesimer, Wiscasset

5. #48 Dan Nessmith, Wiscasset

1. #3 Randy Henderson, NA

2. #25 Pat Hinkley, NA

3. #8 Roy Glidden, NA

1. #9 Darren Ripley, Thomaston

2. #8 Steve Reno, West Bath

3. #30 Ryan Sinclair, Liberty

4. #51 Puncin Sinclair, Liberty

5. #25 Will Collins, Waldoboro

6. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset

7. #00 Alex Waltz, Walpole

8. #33 Josh St. Clair, Liberty

9. #5 Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset

10. #4 Alan Moeller, Dresden

11. #3 Shane Lane, Kingfield

12. #1 John Rideout, Washington

13. #7 Nick Reno, West Bath

14. #34 Tyler Robbins, Montville