Speedway 95(Hermon) On the eve of the fourth of July (7/3) Speedway held a heavy card of racing for Wacky Wednesday, with plenty to make up for, after a series of rained out events in the last month.

In the Ladies division, Nicole Smith of Clifton started strong at the beginning of the feature, however, lost the lead at the 4th lap when she spun out in the backstretch. After pitting and falling down a lap, she returned the field. Erin Evans of Milo also looked good for the first 13 laps, as she held onto the third spot. Mechanical trouble caused her to return to pit and repair. Amy Houde of West Enfield took the lead at the restart of lap 4 and took it to the checkered flag. Hermon’s Rhonda Wilbur also has a strong performance, finishing the race in the second spot. The top two spots were the only cars to finish the race on the lead lap. Although technically, Smith too the third spot, a post race inspection disqualified her for too low front strut spacers, moving Holly Washburn of Brownville up to the third spot in her first appearance at the track this season.

The second series race of the season for the Little Enduro Division went caution-free. For the first 2 laps, the racing was side-by-side, between Travis Beal of Hampden, and Garett Hayman of Mildford. Beal fell back to the second spot by the third lap, allowing Hayman to capture the win. The third spot was awarded to Sam Betts of Brewer. The top spots shifted in the tech garage, as Hayman was DQ-ed for low ride height and spacers on the front springs. This change moved Beale to the top spot, Betts to second and Scott Bonney of Hermon to the third spot.

The Big Enduro division held their first series race of the season on Wacky Wednesday as well. Despite the fact that Roger Smith of Bangor had an over heating problem with his car, causing it to spray a slick layer of antifreeze on the track, it dried up quickly, and the other drivers were able to steer clear of it, causing the race to run caution free. Duane Dunifer of Hermon, held the top spot for first eleven laps before falling back to third. Working his way back up to the front, Dunifer and Dover’s Shawn Racila battled side-by-side for the last lap, with Racila crossing the line first for the win, and Dunifer fell back to second. Finishing third was a new face in the field, Lewiston’s Geoffrey Lowe.

In the “Sinclair Towing” Truck division, Jeff Overlock, Jr of Hermon led the first 10 laps, until he was over taken by Clifton’s James Carr, Jr. Overlock hung on for 8 more laps until he blew his engine coming into turn four, drawing out the only caution of the event. On the restart, Doug Sinclair of Hermon, and Carr battled side-by-side for the last few laps, with Carr falling back to second on the last lap (a green, white, checked finish.) Sinclair picked up the win with Carr second and Jason Haskell of Levant third.

The Stars of Tomorrow, also finished up their triple crown race, with the third place finisher earning the series points championship. In the caution free affair, Trey Brown of Winterport earned the win, William McCullough of Kenduskeag crossed the stripe second, and series champion Kyle Moore of Frankfort finished third, In victory lane “The lap traffic was getting in the way,” said Brown in victory lane, “ he (McCullough) would have been right there, closer, if the lapped traffic wouldn’t have been there.”