Wiscasset2013logoBy Lisa Maguire

Last Saturday was cool and pleasant at the Wiscasset Speedway. Fans lined the bleachers to watch the show. The August Napa Driver of the Month was announced as Allan Moeller, and the September Napa Driver of the Month was Corey Morgan. Next week, the Napa Driver of the Year will be announced. On the schedule for Saturday were the group two line up of divisions: A spotlighted McKeage Top Gun General Construction Strictly Street forty lap Shootout, Mini Trucks, Outlaw Mini, and Late Model Sportsman. The flex race of the week was a ten lap flagpole race.

First on the track were the Outlaw Mini’s in a quick, straightforward twenty-five lap race. Jimmy Childs of the No. 10 held the pole position. Behind him were the No. 2X of Rob Greenleaf, who was back in the driver’s seat after recovering from a crash earlier in the season. Starting in third position was Darrell Moore of the No. 7.

From green to checkered, running order remained the same for the top three. By lap ten Childs held a comfortable lead, and watched the field in his rear view mirror trying to catch up.

Prior to race time, Childs said, “I wrecked last time I was here. I have worked hard on the car, and so far, so good. It’s going to be better today. Overall, this place has been good. I have enjoyed myself here, and it is definitely competition. “Childs must have been pleased with his first place finish. This was Child’s second victory at Wiscasset this year.

Greenleaf took second, making this his second appearance in Victory Lane this racing season at Wiscasset. Moore placed third.

The Mini Trucks had a fifteen lap feature event. In the pole position was the No. 12 of Gerry McKenna. Kris Knox of the No. 88 and Matt Curtis of the No. 1 were following him. When the green went down, Knox faltered on the track, and the No. 32 of Herb Farrar moved from his fourth place starting position to the outside and passed both Knox and Curtis to take second. There was a caution on lap one, and upon the restart Curtis passed Farrar on the inside of turn one for second.

Gaining momentum was Knox. He passed Farrar on the outside of the front stretch during lap three. Then, Knox passed Curtis on the inside of turn one during lap seven to take second. Knox eyed McKenna, who held first, and raced up the track. Knox caught him during lap ten. He moved up the track and McKenna and Knox raced furiously around the track, each pulling ahead for a moment, there was no clear race leader. It was not until lap thirteen that Knox managed to pass McKenna on the front stretch. McKenna fought to retake his position, but Knox held him off to the finish.

Knox placed first. This was Knox’s third victory this racing season at Wiscasset. Knox said, “I miss a shift on every start it seems, getting going seems to be a problem. The truck is running pretty good though, and I’m pretty happy. I’d like to thank Dave, Louie, Aaron, Courtney, Lancefids Garage, and Mal’s Pals Childcare.”

McKenna took second. This was McKenna’s fifth appearance in Victory Lane this year. Coming in third was Curtis. This was the first top three finish for Curtis at Wiscasset this year.

The Late Model Sportsman class came onto the track and the fans cheered for their favorite drivers. There was but one caution in this thirty-five lap feature. Starting at the pole was the No. 15 of Nick Hinkley. Behind him were the No. 09 of Daren Ripley and the No. 5 of Billy Pinkham. Hinkley and Ripley battled for first from the green, but at the conclusion of lap one, Hinkley pulled into the lead. The No. 04 of Allan Moeller passed Pinkham on the outside of the front stretch during lap two, and took third.

The one and only caution of the race came during lap twenty when Ripley made contact with the No. 12 of Jody Lewis. Ripley was sent to the back. Moeller moved to second, and the No. 34 of Tyler Robbins moved to third. There was a struggle for second on the restart between Moeller and Robbins. Robbins was able to overtake Moeller on the outside of turn three during lap twenty-one to secure second. Hinkley took first. This was Hinkley’s sixth appearance in Victory Lane this season. Hinkley said, “I’d like to thank my crew, Willy, Jason, Craig, and my father. I also want to thank my sponsor’s The Galley Restaurant, Banana Banners, and Distance Racing.”

Robbins placed second making this his third appearance in Victory Lane at Wiscasset this season. Rounding out the top three was August’s driver of the month, Allan Moeller. This was Moeller’s third visit to Victory Lane.

The flex race of the week was a ten lap flagpole race. There were six cars and one truck competing for the win. The flagpole race consisted of drivers completing a circle around a large tire at the completion of each lap. There was a lot of burning rubber as the drivers sped around the tire. When the smoke cleared, Randy Henderson emerged as race winner.

The Spotlighted feature of the week was a forty lap shootout sponsored by McKeage’s Top Gun General Construction. There was a $3,000 purse, and there was nearly $1000 in additional money for lap leaders. Starting in the pole position was Chris Burgess in the No. 5. Behind him were the No. 40 of Mac Hannan Jr and the No. 1 of Mike Moody.

There were three cautions during lap one as over thirty race cars vied for position. When the dust cleared, Hannon was in first place. The No. 24 of Larry Emerson was in second. In third was the No. 36 of Nathan Leavitt. Leavitt passed Emerson on the inside of turn three during lap two, taking second. Then, coming from behind the No. 11X of Craig Smith passed Emerson on the inside of turn four during lap two, taking third.

There was yet another caution in lap six when a car spun alone on the track. When racing action resumed, Hannon and Leavitt went head to head around the track. For six laps the determined pair each struggled to take first. Then during lap twelve, Leavitt passed Hannon on the outside of turn three for first. Lap fifteen saw Smith head down the track and he passed Hannon on turn one for second. The No. 03 of Maurice Young followed that same inside line and passed Hannon for third on turn three.

The fifth caution of the race was during lap eighteen. Young took advantage of the caution on the restart and headed down the track to pass both Smith and Leavitt on the inside of turn two going three wide onto the back stretch to snare first. Smith moved to second. Leavitt dropped back, and the No. 45 of Cole Watson came up behind Smith to take third.

Watson passed Smith on the inside of turn three during lap twenty-five to snatch second. Smith moved to third, and Young was holding them back for the lead. Then in the following lap, cars went three wide, Watson took an outside line and passed Young for the lead. Brian Caswell driving the No. 47 emerged from the melee and passed Smith for third during the battle for race leader as they all headed down the back stretch in what was proving to be a forty lap scuffle.

The final caution of the race came in lap thirty-one when the No. 99 of Phil Main Jr and the No. 36X of Rick Spaulding made contact. Spaulding crashed into the front stretch tire wall and rolled his car over onto the roof in front of the flag stand. Spaulding was able to climb from his car unhurt. There was a chaotic restart, and Caswell passed Young on the inside of the back stretch for second place. Watson maintained first. Then, the No. 23 of Zack Emerson passed Young on the inside of turn three on lap thirty- two to take third. Race leaders remained constant until they flew under the checkered.

Watson took first. He had moved up from a twentieth starting position to secure the victory. In Victory Lane he said, “I love this place and I want to thank the Jordan’s for it!” Watson won the Wildcat Championship in 2013 for his fifth career track title at Beech Ridge Motor Speedway.

Caswell placed second. Zack Emerson rounded out the top three for third.

Wiscasset Speedway resumes racing action, September 28, 2013 with its full lineup of both divisions: Prostock, Thunder 4, New England 4-cylinder Prostock, Super Stock, Late Model Sportsman, Trucks, Mini Outlaw, and Strictly Street. This is a season celebration, and the Driver of the Year will be announced. Following the feature races there will be a cookout for drivers and their crews and family, and also for Speedway staff and family. Pit gates open at 10:00 AM. Grandstand gates open at 12:00 PM. Racing begins at 2:00 PM. Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older. Kids six and under are free. Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.


1. #10 Jimmy Childs, Leeds

2. #2X Rob Greenleaf, West Bath

3. #7 Darrell Moore, Oxford

4. #13 Nate Tribbet, Richmond

5. #20 Shawn Kimball, Augusta

6. #9 George Fortin, Greene

7. #18 Tim Collins, Farmingdale

8. #17 Norman Cummings Jr, Augusta

9. #13 Cody Tribbet, Richmond

10. #14 Matt Moore, Mechanic Falls

1. #88 Kris Knox, Sanford

2. #12 Gerry McKenna, Milton

3. #1 Matt Curtis, Freeport

4. #17 William Wile, NA

5. #32 Herb Farrar, Mechanic Falls

1. #15 Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset

2. #34 Tyler Robbins, Montville

3. #04 Allen Moeller Sr, Dresden

4. #00 Alex Waltz, Walpole

5. #28 Steve Minott, Windham

6. #25 Will Collins, Appleton

7. #3 Richard Jordan, Kingfield

8. #7 Danny Smart, Buxton

9. #5 Bill Pinkham, Wiscasset

10. #09 Daren Ripley, Thomaston

11. #11 Jody Lewis, Boothbay

12. #03 Poncho Darveau, Chelsea

1. #45 Cole Watson, Naples

2. #47 Brian Caswell, Waterboro

3. #23 Zack Emerson, Sabattus

4. #03 Maurice Young, Windsor

5. #09 Ryan Ripley, Waldoboro

6. #36 Nathan Leavitt, Buxton

7. #40 Mac Hannan Jr, Union

8. #12 Justin Karkos, Livermore

9. #2 Jason Oakes, Boothbay

10. #24 Larry Emerson, Durham

11. #33 Jeremy Wescott, Naples

12. #1 Mike Moody, Topsham

13. #39X Drew Morse, Buxton

14. #13 Chuck Gray, Wiscasset

15. #11X Craig Smith, East Waterboro

16. #5 Chris Burgess, Turner

17. #31 David Gray, Dixmont

18. #66 Phil Main Sr, Boothbay

19. #32 Tasha Dyer, Arrowsic

20. #36X Richard Spaulding, Lisbon

21. #33X Steve Pierpont, Cushing

22. #99 Phil Main Jr, Trevett

23. #77 Jon Brill, Bridgeton

24. #27 John Lizotte, Mechanic Falls

25. #91 Matt Dufault, Turner

26. #28 Paul Lund, Hollis

27. #81 David Cameron, Alfred

28. #39 Gerard Freve, Turner

29. #26 Corey Morgan, Lewiston

30. #58 Kyle Hewins, Leeds

31. #86 Jeff Hebert, Lewiston

32. #43 Ben Erskine, Farmington

33. #04 Zach Bowie, Lisbon

1. #3 Randy Henderson, Turner

2. #13 Pat Hinkley, Jefferson

3. #18 Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset

4. #25 Paul Hopkins, Camden

5. #8 Ron Whitcomb, Pittston

6. #11 Jeremy Koenig, NA

7. #21 NA