DSC_1676story by Chris Roy

Casey Call, of Pembroke NH. Is the 2013 Gifford’s Ice Cream Bandolero Series Champion, at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS).   “It’s definitely pretty cool. I never thought going into this year that, I would have done so well so early. I really need to thank Gifford’s Ice Cream and NHMS for getting this series going. It’s definitely been a lot of fun!!”

With 5 wins over the course of the season, Casey had some amazing memories over the season.  “The most memorable moment for me was the race that Jordan and I had a good battle for the win and I was able to get around him on the last lap to win the race!!”


Though Casey had some amazing success the race team did have to fight back from some tough times. “The only real struggle and low point I had was when I spun out a lot one night and we struggled due to a mechanical problem and my dad found the problem and fixed it. We went out and won the race, then the next week they put a 3 spin rule in effect and it really made me feel like I messed up bad. But my dad told me to use it as a learning tool and put it behind us and try harder. That’s exactly what we did and we went on to win more races without any spins.”

Casey is gearing down for the winter as the 2013 race season is coming to close, “I have no real plans other than to take a small break and maybe do some indoor racing over the winter and possibly make a trip south for a race or two.”

Though Casey is taking some time off from racing during the winter, he is gearing up for the future, “We plan to run a full season in the Bando and also in the kart. Along with possibly testing a legend car for the following year.”

On race weekends the bando’s share the track with Granite State Legends car which also race on the 1.4 mile road course, so what if next season the bando’s ran a race on the road course. “That would be a lot of fun. I’ve done some road course racing in a kart before and really liked it.”

For the final Gifford’s Ice Cream Bandolero the young drivers shared the race track with NASCAR. “It was pretty cool, but honestly I just tried to treat it like any other race. My dad told me to just go out and have fun and race smart which is what I tried to do. I got to say it was pretty cool seeing my buddy Jacob Perry won that race. He has come so close a bunch and finally got his first win there.”

Casey would like to thank his sponsors for their help support this season. Reliable Transmission, Sign Works, Dick Kruger Excavating, and Mark McCoo.