photo by Mike Fowler

story by Chris Roy

Race car driver Alex Lacognata of Scarbrough, ME. Is teaming up with Naughty Racing this season to compete in the Pro All Stars Series (PASS) Sportsman.

Though the 1st race of the PASS Sportsman series is almost here Alex has kept busy during the off season. “This off season has probably been the busiest winter of my life. We had to prepare the car for two shows, as well as setting it up for the upcoming season. On top of that, I’ve been wrapping up my High School career as I am still a senior and I’ll be graduating from Scarborough High this June. I’ve also been preparing for the upcoming baseball season, while working 15-20 hours a week delivering pizza at Portland Pie Company.”


With a new ride this race season Alex has great expectations for the 2014 race season, “As far as 2014 goes, we plan on running the full PASS Sportsman season in the Naughty 40 Racing, Maine Indoor Karting Sponsored Chevrolet, and be a contender for the rookie of the year spot.”

On April 12th, the PASS Sportsman will be at Oxford Plains Speedway (OPS) to kick off the 2014 race season. “As far as the Pro All Stars Series North opener on April 12th goes, yes were ready to go, and I can definitely say that I am probably the most anxious driver around to get back on the track. It can’t come soon enough.”

Naughty Racing has had a lot of success over the years and Alex hopes to keep that success going with a trip to victory lane at OPS. “Winning at Oxford Plains Speedway is definitely not going to be easy. If anything I’m just going to try and stay on the lead lap. Most likely I’ll try to follow my car owner, Dan McKeage, as he will be competing in PASS Sportsman as well.”

The 2014 PASS Sportsman schedule, this season is 9 races at 3 different race tracks. “The PASS Sportsman schedule right now looks alright. I’m excited to go to Speedway 95 up in Bangor, as well as return to Beech Ridge and Oxford. Hopefully, if the car counts are strong enough throughout the first few races, the Tour will send us down to the New Hampshire tracks as well.”

Oxford, Speedway 95, and BRMS are the 3 tracks that the PASS Sportsman will be racing at this season. “My favorite track on the schedule right now is definitely BRMS. It’s where I drove my first full sized race car (in 2013), and I’m excited to return there in a much faster, and more competitive division. A majority of the people I’ve met through racing are regulars here, and I feel as though if there was any race track in the world to prove myself as a young driver, this would be the place.”

Alex has set some realistic goals for this race season in the PASS Sportman Series, “At this point in time, a championship is not our main goal, even though we’re going to run every race. This season for me is all about learning. How to save equipment, experience different racetracks, and most importantly learn to interpret how the car is handling and be able to relay it to my crew chief in a clear and concise way.”

Sponsors are a big part of racing, sponsoring the races, the drivers and the race tracks. “Sponsors being a “big” part of racing is an understatement. That can make or break a team’s season. I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped us get this far, and throughout this season. First and foremost Dan McKeage, owner of The Naughty 40 Team and Top Gun General Construction and Roofing, without him, I’m not even sure if I’d be behind the wheel this year. Also, the entire Fowler Family, especially Dick and Mike Fowler, I’ve learned just about everything I know in the racing industry through them. Maine Indoor Karting and Portland Pie Company have come aboard as the two primary sponsors this year and their support is unbelievably appreciated. And most importantly my Mother and Father who have put up with me stuffing the garage full of karts, race cars and endless amounts of parts throughout these last few years.”