gagestory by Chris Roy

Gage Theriault of Limestone, Maine the driver of the #43 KID KART at Spud Speedway, won the championship last season is looking for another championship. Though in the off season gage has been keeping busy, practicing for next year and watching his favorite dvd of all time, Days of Thunder! Gage also loves to watch YouTube videos of racing, for research purposes. Gage already in the race mode staying up way past his bedtime to watch Dale Jr. win the Daytona 500 including the 5 hour rain delay.

Looking back on the 2013 race season the one thing Gage remembers most was, “The highlight of his 2013 racing season was every time he was able to hit the track!


Now that 2014 Spud Speedway race season is almost here, Gage is ready get in his race suit and helmet and go racing! So what will he be doing in 2014? “His plans for the 2014 racing season are to pick up some more experience and hopefully have some good competition.”

The great racers are the ones that understand how the race car works and is able to turn a wrench; “Gage is VERY much involved with helping his daddy work on his kart!! He helped strip down the frame and paint it before last season, he also helps set up the kart, Gage is known to be in the pits with his tool box walking around wanting to help the guys with the BIG CAR.”

So what is the best part of racing at Spud Speedway for Gage? “The best part of racing at Spud Speedway is all of the nice drivers and fans… and the fact that his daddy is a two time NL track champion and, its 5 minutes from our house. Gage used to go to Spuds even before he was born to watch his uncle Ryan Stevens drift the track. Gage’s 1st official visit was when he was 8 months old and he loved every second of it. Gage is never without a NASCAR car in his hand.”


So who is Gages favorite NASCAR driver? “His favorite race car driver is Dale Earnhardt Jr., because he never gives up, and his daddy taught him to race, just like Gage’s daddy is teaching him.”

After Gage wins a race he performs his signature burn out. “This started when the flagman Jason Forbes was running across the track to throw the checker, and Gage didn’t want to hit him, so he hit the brakes, and then did an awesome burn-out! The first thing out of his mouth to everyone was, “Did you see that, did you see that BURN OUT?” He has done it ever since.”