photo by RPM Photography

Story by Chris Roy

This weekend the North East Mini Stock Tour (NEMST), will start the 2014 race season at New Hampshire Motor Speedway (NHMS). In the off season NEMST founder and promoter Bob Guptill has been working hard getting ready for the upcoming race season, “We have been busy signing on even more new tracks for the 2014 schedule as well as numerous new sponsors big and small for all events.”


This will be the 6th year of racing for the NEMST, “The previous 5 seasons have flown by. I can’t wait to kick off 2014, by far our most exciting year yet. Every race this season is a special event either by the facility it is held, the increased purse, or “Triple Crown” involvement. It is for sure going to be an epic year.”


The first race on the schedule is the road course at NHMS on April 19th, though the weather may have some role in the race.  The motorcycles and legends cars that race on the road course at NHMS can race rain or shine the NEMST cars are limited, “This will be a dry event and our 3rd time on the road course.”

There are 10 races on the NEMST schedule this season, all across New England, including 2 races at NHMS. “NHMS has been instrumental in our growth over the past few seasons. It gives us great avenues for our sponsors as well as fulfilling the dreams of our drivers. NHMS isn’t the end of the excitement in addition to the mile and road course events we also have a Dirt Track race at Legion and a Northern and Southern Triple Crown Series.”

The NEMST being a touring series the teams will be traveling to 10 different race tracks this season but, there is only one race in Maine this season at Wiscasset Speedway. “We name it our Homecoming. Maine is where the tour was created and still the base of our roots. The Jordans have been great in helping the NEMST return to Maine. Our biggest event to date was held there just last season with 35 cars attempting to qualify for the $750 to win event.”

Sponsors are a large part of racing, “Sponsors are huge. By adding on the names we have in the offseason we have been able to offer extra benefits for our drivers and build on some great ideas that have worked well in the past. Texas Roadhouse, Twisted Tea, Thirty Racewear, and Sunoco Race Fuel have really stepped it up in 2014.”

The NEMST is made up of a variety of different types of body styles race cars, “We have a fairly open set of rules that leaves many types of cars eligible to race while maintaining parity. Drivers will run in numerous chassis’ and drive configurations all the while running door to door for many laps. Our airflow restrictor has worked well with evening out the EFI cars to our carbureted companions.”

The NEMST is a touring series and with fuel prices so high and racing budgets being tight, race teams have to make the dollar go the extra mile.   “We try to give back to the racers. Whether it’s extra laps, purses, or other benefits we continue to enforce rules to keep the spending from getting out of hand as well as normal tire rules. Racing is not cheap we all know that, but if you can build the value these drivers get out of their cars it will all be worth it.”

Bob would like to say to all the race fans about the upcoming NEMST season. “Hang on! This year is going to fly by and fans will see some of the largest fields and biggest talent pools ever to come to mini stock racing. The NEMST has built a schedule that is fast, bold, and taking on new adventures. If you want to see truly amazing talent behind the wheel as well as teams that can tailor vehicles to any surface or event configuration the NEMST is the place to look in 2014!”