Credit Photos:  Mary and Peter Taylor -

Credit Photos: Mary and Peter Taylor –

By Lisa and Rich Maguire


Last Saturday Wiscasset Speedway saw packed grandstands and some exciting racing action.  The bright lights lit up Maine’s fastest oval for the spotlighted race of the evening, the Amsoil Nelcar Legends National Qualifier.  Also on the schedule were the group one division of racing, including the Thunder Four Mini’s, ServePro of Biddeford Saco Prostocks, New England Four Cylinder Prostocks, and the Super Streets.


Starting of the evening was the thirty-five lap Amsoil Nelcar Legends Spotlighted feature.  Prior to race beginning, the drivers had first competed in time trials to determine heat position.  The heats finalized race start position, with the fastest at the front.  At race time start the cream had risen to the top, and the three front runners battled for a win.


From the start, the #19 of Kevin Girard Jr set a grueling pace with an average speed of about 78 mph.  Behind Girard was the #399 of Bob Weymouth.  Weymouth and third place starter, Matt Grant of the #84, gave Girard a challenge.  Girard was able to hold them off despite three cautions.   On the restarts, Weymouth and Grant fought for position.  Whoever started at the bottom of the track on the restart was able to advance to second using the inside advantage.  However, when the trio flew under the checkered, it was Girard in first, Weymouth in second, and Grant rounding out the top three.

Next up were the Thunder Four Mini’s competing in a twenty lap feature event.  The #26 of Michael Golding started on the pole.  Beside him was the #20 of Devan Robinson.  During lap two Robinson slid up to the wall on turn one, allowing the #10 of Jason Trundy to advance to second and the #48 of Michael Harrison to move to third.


Racing stayed consistent and close until a caution during lap thirteen.  When action resumed on the track, Trundy took the lead, with Golding dropping back to fifth.  Harrison sped to second, and the #4J of Joe Katula snatched third.  When the checkered flew over the finish, the race order was the same.  Trundy took the win.  Harrison placed second.  Katula took third.


When seventeen Prostocks thundered down the straight stretch and over the start line, the fans cheered.  This forty lap feature was marked by seven cautions, but action still progressed swiftly on the track.  The #05R of Phil Richardson started on the pole.  In second was the #72 of Charlie Colby.  James Osmond of the #05 began in third.  When the green flew, Colby shot like a bullet to the front of the pack.  The #01 of Andy Saunders was rapidly advancing from his ninth place start.  Saunders was preparing to pass Osmond for third when Colby spun on the front stretch.  Saunders avoided Colby by shooting down the entrance to pit row.  This brought out a caution that put Richardson back in the lead.  Osmond advanced to second.  Saunders moved to third.


When the green flew, Saunders quickly took second, and Osmond fell to third.   Saunders was able to advance to the lead after another yellow caused a restart.  Saunders was unable to hold onto his lead however.  His car appeared to suffer from mechanical issues and he headed to the pits after a lap fifteen restart.


Once again Richardson took the lead, Osmond advanced to second, and the #99 of Ajay Picard was in third.  Lap twenty-six saw another caution, and on the restart the #12 of Thomas True passed Picard for third.  Picard had a fast car, and he battled back, eventually taking third place once again.  Race leaders remained constant until the finish.  Richardson took the win.  Osmond placed second.  Picard finished in third.


The New England Four Cylinder Prostocks twenty-five lap feature had the #48 of RJ Pinkham at the pole.  The #4 of Connor Wenners started in second.  In third was Fred Ashmore of the #6.  There was a caution during lap four for the #7 of Spencer Vaughan.  Vaughan spun and gathered the #55 of John Shorey.  There was no leader change until lap nine, when the #24 of Jeff Prindall rocketed to third.  It was short lived, because Prindall spun on the back stretch, allowing the #12 of Dave Patten to advance to third.


Patten wasn’t in third long enough to get comfortable.  During lap thirteen, the #98, captained by Kamren Knowles, who started from the back of the fifteen car field, moved into third.  By lap twenty Kamren Knowles was in the lead.  Pinkham was in second, and Wenners was in third.  On lap twenty-one, Wenners spun out on turn four, moving the #38 of Ryan Hayes to third.  In the remaining laps, the lead cars raced to the finish to see the #98 of Kamren Knowles win his third consecutive race.  Second went to Pinkham.  Hayes placed third.


Concluding the show was a twenty-five lap Super Street event.  Josh Bailey of the #2 started at the pole.  The #5 of Mark Lucas was to his right.  Behind was the #34 of David Vaughn.  When green flag racing began, Lucas passed Bailey for the lead.  The #02 of Jason Curtis rapidly advanced up the track from fourth place, passing Bailey for second.  Vaughn then passed Bailey for third, and sped up the track looking for second.  Vaughn then got under Curtis, sending Curtis into a spin that gathered up several cars in the ensuing chaos.  A caution was called.


The new running order was Lucas in the lead, Bailey in second, and the #27 of Barry Poulin in third.  When the green waved, Tasha Dyer of the #32 roared up the track and passed Poulin for third.  Dyer wasn’t satisfied with third and challenged Bailey for second.  Dyer headed outside and rode door to door, eventually completing the pass.


There was a caution during lap fifteen when Vaughn bumped Bailey from behind, and sent Bailey into a spin.  Both went to the back, and the #1 of Adam Chadbourne advanced to third.  On the restart, Curtis passed Chadbourne for third and marched up the track, passing Dyer on the inside for second.  For the remaining ten laps, Dyer stayed to the outside and battled for the spot.  Dyer slowly reeled Curtis in, then went ahead by a nose.  There was excitement in the air when the Flagman waved the green flag finish.  Lucas swept by in first.  Dyers car was less than a second behind Lucas, taking second.  Curtis finished less than a half a second behind Dyer in third.


Join us next Sunday, May 29, 2016 for the Late Model Sportsman Coastal 200, presented by Jordan Lumber, Jordan Excavation, and Norm’s Used Cars.  Also slated are the group two line up of divisions: Kennebec Equipment Rental Outlaw Mini’s, Strictly Streets, and Napa Modifieds.  If you missed the racing action, or simply want to see it again, track videographer, Brandon Simmons, posts race footage on YouTube.  It can be found by searching “Wiscasset Speedway”.  Pit gates open at 10:00 AM.  Grandstand gates open at 12:00 PM.  Racing begins at 2:00 PM.  Admission is $5.00 for adults and children aged seven and older.  Kids six and under are free.  Pit admission is $20.00.  Wiscasset Speedway is located on West Alna Road in Wiscasset.  For more information, head to the Wiscasset Speedway website at  The Wiscasset Speedway website is packed with information, including schedule of events, division rosters and rules, and race results.  Head on over to take a look.





  1. #19 Kevin Girard Jr., Old Orchard Beach
  2. #399 Bob Weymouth, Topsham
  3. #84 Matt Grant, Windham
  4. #29 Austin Teras, Windham
  5. #47 Chris Burgess, Buckfield
  6. #92 Colby Meserve, Buxton
  7. #25 Brad Bellows, China
  8. #33 Allen Smith, Lincoln
  9. #10 Ed Getty, Gray
  10. #8 Matt Chagnot, Derry, NH
  11. #14 Thomas Everson, NA
  12. #80 Dylan Varney, Windham
  13. #18 Parker Varney, Windham
  14. #17 Terry Kirk, Durham
  15. #67 Zachary Godbout, Mt. Vernon
  16. #7 Kayla King, Buxton
  17. #1 Todd Libby, West Baldwin
  18. #28 Kevin Oliver, Raymond



  1. #10 Jason Trundy, Winterport
  2. #48 Michael Harrison, Durham
  3. #4J Joe Katula, Lisbon
  4. #3 Jeff Minchin Jr., Pittston
  5. #26 Michael Golding, Pownal
  6. #1 Jeff Davis, Woolwich
  7. #58 David Greenleaf, Brunswick
  8. #20 Devan Robinson, Warren
  9. #66 James Grover, Wiscasset
  10. #78 Shawn Berry, Wiscasset
  11. #18 Ed Archer, Livermore Falls
  12. #30 Keith Rankin, Oakland
  13. #19 Travis Poulliot, Skowhegan
  14. #113 Cody Tribbet, Richmond



  1. #05R Phil Richardson, Hermon
  2. #05 James Osmond, Woolwich
  3. #99 Ajay Picard, Palmyra
  4. #12 Thomas True, Wiscasset
  5. #01X Joe Decker, Chesterville
  6. #91JR Mike Orr, Wiscasset
  7. #23 Brandon Sprague, Edgecomb
  8. #72 Charlie Colby,   Edgecomb
  9. #13 Nate Tribbett, Richmond
  10. #30 Dylan Street, Old Town
  11. #28 Ken Beasley, Richmond
  12. #29 Kevin Morse, Woolwich
  13. #1 Mike Moody, Topsham
  14. #01 Andy Saunders, Ellsworth
  15. #74 Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich
  16. #88X Brian Robbins, Montville
  17. #15H Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset



  1. #98 Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner
  2. #48 RJ Pinkham, Hallowell
  3. #38 Ryan Hayes, Jefferson
  4. #24 Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls
  5. #12 Dave Patten, Westbrook
  6. #14 Bob Patten, Westbrook
  7. #9X Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner
  8. #6 Fred Ashmore Jr., Hancock
  9. #55 John Shorey, Alna
  10. #70 Taylor Lane, Phillips
  11. #7 Spencer Vaughan, Canton
  12. #4 Connor Wenners, Edgecomb
  13. #42 Mike Kibbin, South China
  14. #84 Jamie Wright, Woolwich
  15. #4L Lexie Roach, Brewer



  1. #5 Mark Lucas, Harpswell
  2. #32 Tasha Dyer, Arrowsic
  3. #02 Jason Curtis, Hollis
  4. #1 Adam Chadbourne, Woolwich
  5. #9 Sean Johnson, Oakland
  6. #2 Josh Bailey, Wiscasset
  7. #38 Cody Buzzell, Madison
  8. #27 Barry Poulin, Benton
  9. #3X Brandon Bailey, Woolwich
  10. #34 David Vaughn, Naples