Story by Chris Roy

Most drivers get their start in racing by driving go-karts then moving up to Allison Series Racing or Legends cars, before moving on to race in Late Models, Pro Stocks or even Modified’s.

Austin Teras, is the driver of the #29 Cushman Competition go-kart. He is competing in the Boxstock Series at Richmond Kart Speedway (RKS). The Boxstock’s series is the third tier of racing go-karts at RKS, the drivers age are from 6-11 years old. This is the 1st division of go-kart racing, where the drivers race for points.

With 3 races already in the books this season Austin, has already taken the checkered flag twice. The first one was on opening day and his second win coming last Sunday, and he’s looks to bring home win number 3 this weekend. After 3 races Austin, is leading the standings by 19 points over fellow driver, Levi Lawrence who has scored the only other win this season.

RPM. What’s the secret to getting around Richmond Speedway?
Austin. Just being smooth driving around the track.
RPM. Do you work on the car as well as drive it?
Austin. Yes, I work on it after school.

RPM. What’s next after go karts?
Austin. I would like to drive a modified.

RPM. Can you win the 2011 Boxstock Championship?
Austin. YES!!! I am planning on it and think I have a good chance to if things go my way.

RPM. What would you do to improve the racing?
Austin. Ask kids to race because, racing with a lot of karts makes it harder and better.

RPM. What do you like to do when you are not racing?
Austin. I like to fish and, play games on facebook.