story by Chris Roy

Nine year old Ivan Kaffel, of Raymond, Maine is one of the drivers in the sportsman series at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS).

RKS is one of the few kart tracks in New England that lets the drivers race either a rocker or a champ roll cage. I asked Ivan which he preferred to use his response was, “Champ because you can race them anywhere and I want to race a modified someday which are open wheels.” The major difference between the two are is Rocker cages move and are bolted on, where as Champs are welded on, built at the factory as a single unit.

One of the other major difference in karting is the body styles, The 17 car use a Aerotech body, “it cuts the wind and you can draft better.”

Recently RKS raced under the lights, so I asked Ivan which he preferred racing during the day or racing at night? His response was, “I like them both but night racing is cool because it is like racing at Beech Ridge.”

Ivan explains the key to racing at RKS is entering turn 1 and 3 late and coming out of turn 2 and 4 high.

Though karts is the stepping stone for most drivers the next step for Kaffel Racing, is the Maine Modified Series, then moving on to late models.

Though racing has kept Ivan busy all summer he also been busy, wakeboarding and getting ready to play football.