We are keeping a close eye on the forecast for the Richmond area. The current forecast this morning has changed since of yesterday. Currently they are calling for a chance of showers at 10pm tonight which would leave us ample time to race tonight under the lights. As of right now, the call will be to watch the noon forcast and make the call to race or not at 12:45pm today.

I understand that this might be frustrating, to have to wait until 12:45pm, but with already having so many rain outs, we would like to race if the opportunity is there. We will also be making our decision for Tomorrows Race Schedule as well. We will not be racing on Sunday, that is certain, but please stay tuned as we will make our final call at 12:45 today. Please call 207-478-0657 at 12:45pm to contact the race hot line. Listen to the complete message for details on the race schedule for today and tomorrow. Thank You!