Story by Chris Roy

On Sunday April 29th the drivers at Richmond Karting Speedway (RKS) take the green flag to start the season, and the 2011 “BoxStock” Champion Austin Teras, is ready.

RPM. What have you been doing this past winter?
Austin. Racing, dirt races down south in South Carolina and Florida, we missed Daytona because I broke my leg.

RPM. What was it like the Championship at Richmond?
Austin. It was really cool because this is my second championship I got to bring home, and it meant a lot to me and my family.

RPM. Are you all set for the 1st race of the Season at Richmond?
Austin. Yes, and I can’t wait!

RPM. What do you think about the schedule for 2012 at RKS?
Austin. Looks good, a lot of racing, but gives us opportunity to run races at other big race tracks this year, a win, win!

RPM. What is the key to getting around RKS?
Austin. You have to drive in a smooth line, watch for mistakes, and a have great set-up.

RPM. A pretty impressive season last year in the “Boxstocks” with 14 top 3 finishes and 9 wins.
Austin. It was a really fun season, and it was awesome being able to race for 1st place every race, This was a personal record for me, and I hope to bring home this year’s championship in Jr. Sportsman this year!

RPM. Do you work on the go-kart as well as drive?
Austin. Yes, I have been trying to learn my set-ups and the changes that it takes for each race.

RPM. Have you raced anywhere already this season?
Austin. Yes, I just came from a race in South Carolina, there was a tornado in the middle of the day, and it was dirt. The dirt turned to mud, and It was a whole new racing experience, although I did not win I raced against mostly 14 year old’s, I came in 10th. I think that was pretty good, I raced at Hurricane Speedway in Florida and won that race, also on dirt, but it was dirt, no mud. This weekend I am going to Loudon.

RPM. Do you prefer racing during the day or under the lights at RKS?
Austin. I love racing under the lights by far! Friday night racing is awesome!

RPM. Other than racing what other plans do you have for this summer?
Austin. Racing, Racing, Racing,,, when I’m not racing at RKS I will be racing Louden, and all the races at Oxford if the schedule permits, Thundering Valley in Maine, and traveling to dirt tracks down south. I plan on spending time at the lake at camp as well.