Maggie Ferland of Auburn, Maine is doing double duty this season, racing go karts at Richmond Karting Speedway as well as the kart track at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

RPM. What do you think of the go-kart track at NHMS?
Maggie. I loved it because of the steep hill & the speed.

RPM. The go kart track at NHMS is unique in the way the track is designed; you have to drive up a hill on the front stretch and down the hill on the back stretch.
Maggie. The track is “Awesome” at NHMS. I wished they had more races on the upper track, the hill was awesome!

RPM. Do you have to setup the kart differently to race the track at NHMS?
Maggie. Yes because we run a different motor.

RPM. What class / division are you racing in at RKS and NHMS?
Maggie. RKS & NHMS I run Blue Plate.

RPM. Do you work on the go-kart as well as drive it?
Maggie. Me and my dad work together.

RPM. What is your schedule like for the 2012 race season?
Maggie. Busy!!! We are traveling this year.

RPM. How was the race last weekend at RKS?
Maggie. It was fun seeing my friends.

RPM. Do you like the new qualifying format of time trials verse heat races at RKS?
Maggie. I like the time trials.

RPM. Do you race a Champ or Rocker car? And can you race rocker cars at NHMS?
Maggie. Champ Kart for both.

RPM. When you work the pedals you have one foot on the brake and one on the gas.
Maggie. My foot is usually on the gas, but I try not to use the brakes.