Curtis Anderson driver of the number 99 is all set for this weekend’s Mainely Motorsports 400 at Richmond Karting Speedway. “Yes I’m very excited” Curtis commented as the Anderson Race Team, get ready for the race weekend.
With over ten wins this season at RKS in the Sportsman Series, Curtis knows the secret to getting driving into victory lane. “Holding your line staying focused and being patient waiting for the right time and making the right decision.”

Though this weekend’s race is scheduled for Sunday afternoon, Curtis like most drivers at RKS prefers racing at night under the light. “I like the night races because I put lights on my kart and it looks really cool.”

Curtis finished the 2011 season 3rd in points in the Sportsman, currently he is leading the points in the Sportsman Series, with numerous wins and a 100+ points lead over 2nd place driver Morgan Carver. Though one bad race could really turn things around, “It’s anybody’s to win, I can only hope for the best.”

Like a lot of drivers Curtis also works on the car when he finds a moment in his busy schedule.
“After school, after soccer practice, after and before races, as well as during races.”

Like most of the drivers as RKS Curtis has gone back to school a freshman in high school this year. “It’s cool seeing all my friends and high school is fun.”

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