Story by Chris Roy

Austin Teras is gearing up for this weekend big karting event Mainely Motorsports 400 at Richmond Karting Speedway. “Yes, I am ready for the weekend, we are prepared, and it’s going to be fun!” explains Austin.
Austin is also going for the triple-crown as he plans on 3 different events at RKS. “I will be racing the Jr. Sportsman Champ, Jr Sportsman and Sportsman. I am hoping to be competitive in all 3 classes!”

Racing in the 3 different classes I asked Austin what is a difference between the karts and the handling? His reply, “The difference in the karts is 30lbs and a bigger plate in the Sportsman Series. Which means we can go a couple of tenths faster than the Jr. Sportsman.”

The Mainely Motorsports 400 is 2 full days of racing especially racing in 3 different division which can be exhausting but the driver of the number 29 is up for then challenge. “ I raced Monday at the Woodstock fair, and tonight (friday) I am racing Oxford double features, and the both Saturday and Sunday at the Mainley Motorsports in 3 classes. I get very tired by the end. practice wears me out, because I don’t get any breaks, I jump in one kart, then the other, over and over, and over. I have been racing 2-3 races every weekend almost, so I am getting use to it.”

RKS has been rained out a few times already this season, as the drivers with any luck Mother Nature will be a race fan this weekend. “I am hoping they will be able to run makeup races from all of the rain outs. I am always looking forward to a race, and I get disappointed when they are rained out. Last week when it rained out at RKS, I got in the truck and drove to the Woodstock fair, started on the back of the feature, and won my race, it’s crazy! I am glad I have parents that will do that.”

Austin is going to be turning a lot of laps this weekend not including practice. “I estimate around 126 laps at RKS, but if you throw in Oxford Friday night that’s a total of 166 laps without practice in 3 days. We are time trialing at RKS. I love Time Trials!”

The race this weekend at RKS is not a points race but, the drivers are looking for the title of Mainely Motorsports 400 Champion. As Austin explains, “The Mainley Motorsports race is not a points race, but it is my “Oxford 250” for karts. Good competition comes from all around, and it’s very competitive.”

As Austin competes in 3 different races there is a lot of strong competition this weekend, racing in the Mainely Motorsports 400. I think my strongest competition for the Mainley Motorsports race in the Jr. Sportsman is Jacob Nickols. Sportsman I think Curtis Anderson is fast, and he wins week after week. Wyatt Alexander is also a strong competitor and will be there, so I have my work cut out for me. In the champ race casey call from new hampshire will be there, and he is a great racer. There will be a lot of racers from all over, that I have gotten to race with this year. I can’t wait until Saturday Morning!”